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A fleet horse, and wind at your back, A Celtiberian Tale

Xavier Harkonnen

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Summer, 2014 AD - Iberian Peninsula


Galitorvix rode his horse at a gentle gallop over the sloping grassy hills that made up the Iberian countryside. It was nearing noontime and the sun was high overhead, bathing the landscape in a golden aura. The fields were ripe with crops. Mostly wheat, barley and other food staples that would be harvested for the coming winter. Much of the Iberian peninsula was inhabited now, and often times under the watchful and protective gaze of the Carthaginians to the south. Things now, have changed. With the rise of the Council of Chieftains, the Iberian countryside would flourish. It was rumored that the announcement and proclamations had already been issued earlier this week. That a new, and proud people once dominated by other political intrigues and infighting amongst themselves, had united to reforge a proud history. That the Celtiberian Confederation had reformed in the ashes of a spanish nation and risen from it's death.


Halting his horse, Galitorvix continued to look at some of the farm hands continued to work. Though he rode a horse, it wasn't always the preferred method for citizens in the countryside. Though the horseman traditions had never left his people, they had grown with the times, naturally. He could see machinery, combines and other vehicles going about the work that farmers usually did. Oblivious to their new leader's gaze upon them. This years harvest would be bountiful, and the people would certainly have plenty to see them through the winter's time this year.


Yes, the Celts were back. And they were on a mission.

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The French government requests immediate, emergency talks with the Celtiberian Confederation in order to discuss the future of our mutual border and the status of our relationship in the current climate of Pan-European war. Talks would prioritize peace and normalization of the border-region after recent tensions across the area.
~L'Imperatrice, Jeanne de LaQueu

(OOC: Unless, as Cent says, this is to be a post war declaration?) Edited by Shave N Haircut
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OOC: I am unaware of what's going on between france and Cent, so this is just a DoE. It's meant to be current time, not post.





We are interested in meeting to discuss the normalization of our borders, however any meaningful treaty or peace discussions must be done in concert with Carthage.

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