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Revival of a Nation

Peter Ilyich

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It was a cold day in the barren castle of Prague, as the king Wenceslaus walked out into the courtyard and directed his soldiers towards the main road ahead. Trucks began down the road and soldiers began marching as the men organized a parade down the road. Thousands of people lined the sides of the street and cheered as they recognized the existence of the King and his men. The people continued to cheer all the way from the first vehicles to the final soldiers.


The king stood up and spoke with much pride as he said, "Hello nation! I am proud to be called king of this new land, and hope that you all feel the same way. All hail his new nation."


Today, the new nation of Bohemia has risen into the world. The nation is excited to hopefully have friendly relations with all of the nations already out in the world. Hail Bohemia!

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