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Formal Establishment of The People's Nation


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Establishment of the Nethereich


The People's House of Parliament
Amsterdam, Nethereich
December 1, 1936
A woman approaches the stand as Dutch and Belgian press sit in the room to ask questions. She began to speak,
"Good evening my fellow citizens, I would like to start off with a thank you to the people of our nation."
Applause rang from the crowd.
"As you have recently voted me into the Chancellory of our great nation, you also voted on several drafts of our constitution as well as for representatives of your respective regions. It should be noted from this moment we have recieved a majority of votes to formally establish our nation" A small applause begins "and due to the vote of the Belgian regions, will also include Belgium into our new nation."
The applause grows into a roar and after quieting down, she continued
As you are all aware of the National Socialist Workers Party of Netherlands and Belgium is the party I ran with, and I would like to also announce that our dear party has scored 32% of the seats in the Reichstag as well as 38% of seats in the Reichsrat. The rest of the election results are posted in your city's administration buildings as we don't have time to go over all those elected here today.
In conclusion, I myself, and the rest of your government would like to again formally thank the people of The Nethereich for their support and votes for our nation. Together we will work wonders."
A final applause rang out in the crowd as Helga Van Snyder exitted the stage. An informational was avaliable at the door which read:
Chancellor,  Helga Van Snyder
Regent, Brutus Van Classen
Minister of The Armed Services, Martijn De Klerk
Minister of Citizens Affairs, Veerke Snyders
Minister of Immigration, Eveline Gelens
Minister of Emigration, Elbert Joosten
Minister of Foreign Exports, Harm Aldenberg
Minister of Internal Exports, Jordaan Penner
Minister of Finance, Matthias Smit
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Matthijs Van Niftrik
Minister of Protected Lands, Chris Herrema
Minister of Civil Rights, Jozefien Arentz
Minister of Industry, Gilbert Rademakers
Minister of Intelligence, Gerard Vergoossen
Minister of Public Services, Amelia Samson
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