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What is Military XP?


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Your military is divided into four different classes: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Intelligence. When you successfully perform certain types of attacks successfully, you gain XP which allows you to purchase Generals. You can have one General for each branch of your military for a maximum of four.


Army XP: Gained by doing ground battles.

Navy XP: Gained by doing naval attacks/blockades.

Air Force XP: Gained by doing airstrikes, cruise missiles, and nukes.

Intelligence XP: Gained by doing spy attacks.


Once you gain a certain level of XP, you can purchase Generals. Generals give you varying benefits (you will see them listed if you click on View All Generals at the top of the Purchase Military screen). Generals can increase your battle strength, increase your population, income, happiness, unit costs, and unit upkeep. More XP enables you to buy better Generals that give you greater benefits. When you sell a General, you get some XP back, but not all of your original investment.

Generals are good to have because they can give you economic as well as military boosts. You cannot lose Generals in battle by any means. The only way your Generals can be lost is if the enemy launches a successful spy attack to assassinate your Generals. Therefore, if you have Generals, it's a good idea to keep a healthy contingent of spies to protect them from assassination.


Hope that answers your question, bud.

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