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Hamlet Steps out...

Captain Enema

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There isn't a damn point of being a prince if you don't have a place of your own to call a Kingdom. Prince Roy Gotfried of Aland Island hails from an ancient sea faring nobility that lost its claim to the throne of Denmark generations ago. His neighbors all have the greatest levels of respect for him, the care he and his families have shown for the people of Aland Island over the generations gives the Gotfried family a special place in the Aland Islanders hearts. 


With this in mind, Prince Roy Gotfriend of Aland Island dispatches the following message to the crown of Sverige.



"With the greatest of respect to the Royal family of Sverige, the Gotfried family of Aland Island wishes permission to form a Kingdom of Aland. This Kingdom will have the warmest of relations and the strongest bonds possible to Sverige. It will truly be one Royal government under the King of Sverige but two governments."

Prince Roy Gotfried of Aland Island


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Royal Proclamation from the Kingdom of Sverige 


The Kingdom of Sverige recognizes the Kingdom of Aland to self govern themselves as an independent fiefdom under the Kingdom of Sverige. They may conduct their own business, govern their own people, raise their own armies, conduct private diplomacy, but will remain a part of the Kingdom of Sverige, and a well loved member of the current Nordic Union that it is a part of.

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The first Home Army is formed out of the Sverige Territorial Reserve Forces. The 1st Home Army will consist of 100,000 men. 


1st Division (infantry)

2nd Division (mechanized infantry)

3rd Division (armored)

4th Division (Services and Support)


Royal Aland Air Force


20 Squadrons of Fighters


The Aland Island Expeditionary Force is also formed. It consists of 225,000 men. 


5th Division (Mechanized Infantry)
6th Division (Mechanized Infantry)

7th Division (Mechanized Infantry)

8th Division (Armored)

9th Division (Light Infantry)

10th Division (Light Infantry)

11th/12th Division (Support and Services Divisions)

13th Division (Air Defense Division)


Royal Aland Air Force


20 Squadrons of Fighters

10 Squadrons of Ground Attack

1 Squadron of Stealth Bombers


Royal Aland Navy

2 Aegis Guided Missile Cruisers

6 Destroyers

4 Frigates

2 Submarines (SSGN variants)



Reserve Divisions

14th Armored Division (reinforced)

15th Marine Division

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