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Due to the war preparations the Director had been taken to a mostly hidden airbase in the interior of the Empire. There he and the rest of his delegation were further escorted inside the base and to a special conference room where the Emperor had already been waiting for their arrival. "Director, a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Carthage and apologies for the inconveniences but I am sure you understand that due to the ongoing situation in the world we had to take precautions" Anysus said after extending a hand.

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The Neapolitans were careful not to be too fascinated by their surroundings, but only the Director had ever seen a complex quite like this one before. Not waiting for the novelty of his underlings to fade, he greeted the Carthaginian warmly. Shaking the outstretched hand with a confident crookedness that could only ever belong to a politician, he stated simply:


"No apologies are necessary. Caution is of the utmost importance, and the care you've taken to ensure our mutual safety is appreciated. It is my government's hope that my presence here on Carthaginian soil is testament to the seriousness we share with our friends across the Mediterranean, and I must admit I'm very interested in hearing what you have to say."

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Anysus nodded as one of the aides offered the Neapolitans something to drink and/or eat after their long trip.


"Your willingness to meet in such dire circumstances has definitely not gone unnoticed and certainly not unappreciated. As for the matters I wish to discuss, contrary to the claims made by the Terror Coalition Carthage very much seeks the independence of peoples in their own nations. In line with this we are truly glad to see a new state rise from the ashes of previous Italian regimes. Furthermore we believe in protecting the Mediterranean as throughout history it has been the lifeblood of all those nations bordering it. In line with this we would like to see a high degree of cooperation created between Naples and Carthage. An agreement that enables free access to each others' territories and preferential treatment when dealing with matters of trade. While we cannot lower our tariffs we can certainly impose measures aimed at promoting trade with Naples and offering certain tax benefits for your companies. Finally we also believe that to protect the Mediterranean we should have some form of security alliance that mandates either optional or mutual defence in future wars and of course non aggression"

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Anysus nodded before an aide gave the Neapolitan a paper that showed the draft treaty.


Convention on Mutual Defence and Optional Aggression between the Empire of Carthage and the Directorate of Naples

The parties;

Recognizing the mutual friendship and trust placed in each other.

Resolving to aid each other in the fulfilment of goals.

Believing that is in the interests of both parties to enhance cooperation

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1

In line with the principles of mutual friendship and enhancing cooperation the parties agree to a policy of non-aggression in word and action. Any dispute is to be handled as discretely as possible.

Article 2

Under the principles of sincere cooperation the parties agree to share any information which may be vital to the security of the other.

Article 3

Should either nation state come under attack it is the obligation of the other to defend by any and all means available.

This convention shall provide either signatory the right to join in a war of aggression launched by the other. Should either party fall under attack as a result of a previous offensive action the attack will fall under the optional aggression section rather than mutual defence.

Article 4

The parties shall eliminate all possible barriers to trade with the other and facilitate the flow of trade via diplomatic means where existing laws and other agreements in signatory states allow.

Article 5

1. The convention shall enter into force upon the signing by both parties and the ratification through any procedure as required by relevant laws.
2. After the entry into force either nation state may withdraw from the convention provided a month of notice is given.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized thereto by the collective peoples, have signed the present convention.

Signed for the Empire of Carthage,

Signed for the Directorate of Naples,


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The Carthaginian leader would receive an AES-256 encrypted message through secure lines. In the message, the Carthaginian position on increased British military presence in the Mediterranean would be requested. Neapolitan concerns about the ongoing troop movements in the Baleares were of particular concern.
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Thank you for your message, I appreciate your inquiry into the Punic position on recent British movements. After consulting the British King has made it clear to me he seeks only cooperation with other powers in this sea we call our home. In line with this the British have offered Carthage direct involvement and reassured us of their interests. In light of these commitments I feel confident in saying that there is nothing to fear.

Emperor Anysus I

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