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GM Nominations & GM Reform

Evangeline Anovilis

GM reform  

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As it is the 15th again, we shall start with nominations.


Rules for those who forgot:

  • You can nominate anyone who has a valid nation in CNRP, is willing to accept the nomination and is not you.
  • You can nominate up to three people this way.
  • You need a valid nation in CNRP to nominate people.

The nomination period runs for 48 hours, upon which elections start.




I will also throw in the poll on GM election reform here, given the discussion seems to have ended and as GM, it is my duty to do the poll. The poll too runs for 48 hours, its results will determine the way the election is being held.


Discussion on this matter can be found here, so discuss there, if you have any issues. This is not a discussion topic!

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Justinian the Mighty - 5

KaiserMelech Mikhail - 4

Evangeline Anovilis - 2

Horo the Wisewolf - 2

Centurius - 1

Malatose - 1

Triyun - 1


Ordered according to nominations received and alphabetical among those with equal number of nominations. All entries proceed to elections, as there is a three-way tie for fifth place.




Should the GM court be reformed?


No - Markus Wilding, Yawoo, MostGloriousLeader, KaiserMelech Mikhail, Lynneth, Generalissimo (5 votes total)



Yes - Centurius, Horo the Wise Wolf, xoindotnler, Justinian the Mighty, Mr Director, Triyun, Imperator Azenquor, Nick The Great, Evangeline Anovilis (6 total)


Should term length be increased?


No - xoindotnler, Yawoo, MostGloriousLeader, Lynneth, Generalissimo (3 total)


Terms should be 3 months long - Justinian the Mighty, Triyun, KaiserMelech Mikhail, Evangeline Anovilis (4 total)


Terms should be 6 months long - Horo the Wise Wolf, Imperator Azenquor, Nick The Great (2 total)


GMs should be in office until they are recalled - Centurius, Markus Wilding, Mr Director (1 total)


What should be the amount of people required to call for new elections?


>50% - Justinian the Mighty, Yawoo, MostGloriousLeader, Nick The Great, KaiserMelech Mikhail, Generalissimo (4 total)


>33% - Horo the Wise Wolf, Imperator Azenquor, Evangeline Anovilis (3 total)


>25% - Centurius, Mr Director, Triyun (2 total)


>10% - xoindotnler, Markus Wilding, Lynneth (0 total)


From now on, GM terms are going to be 3 months long. No further reforms.


Markus Wilding, Lynneth, Mr Director, xoindotnler and Nick the Great have been discounted, as they were without valid nation at the time of the vote.

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