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Kaskus and MI6 White Peace

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UnknownSmurfs review of Skyfall. Because I've never seen a 007 movie and apparently thats blasphemy. 


Alright so similar to our war that just concluded, the basically seems to be about 007 investigating an attack on MI6. Maybe I picked the right movie. So far the action scenes are pretty good. 


Pretty weirded out by James Bond and this dude sitting in a dark room plotting. Is this about to turn into brokeback mountain? Lines being drawn. 


Damn Naomie Harris is fiiiiiiiiine. 


Nerdy mclovin dude seems to super cocky. I dunno if I like him. 


Apparently NATO is stupid enough to put all the undercover terrorist agents on the same hard drive. Brilliant political move. 


Old woman who died earlier might've been important. Was busy thinking about Naomie to catch her name though. 


So many boobies at this casino. I need to go. 


Chase scene through the tunnels was pretty sweet. 


..wtf. That is not nearly enough weapons for these traps. Get tanks and airplanes and commando units wtf. How are just these 3 $%&@s going to do this? Meh, NPO 007 will show us why GGA they don't need WRCs tanks.


Sexy !@#$%* is now M. Does that mean Voodoo/James are fine as a dime since they replaced Chim?


Damn above is my notes during the movie, I kind of like them so I'm just going to leave them. Here is the actual review:


Sound: 10/10. I was real impressed with the sound quality.

Explosions: 8/10 There wasn't enough of them.

Boobs: 21/10. Enough said. 

Writing: 3/10. Guessed most of the plot well before any of it happened. Did you writers really too stupid to plot twist?

Villain: 1/10. Was completely underwhelmed. Looked like the chick from the matrix who died and was like "not like this" .. really white suit? Cmon man. 


Overall the movie was great, I sincerely enjoyed it. I wouldn't have paid money to see it in the theatre, but free on netflix on a random monday night? Hell yeah. I heard Casino Royale was better so I'm going to check it out. [/spoiler]

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