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Landfall, checking out

Captain Enema

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Upon receiving Landfall's untimely collapse, hundreds of Russian troops outfitted in hazmat suits would be deployed there from nearby Estonia, to begin the process of radiation clean-up. Silos that exploded would be 'quarantined' from the general population and no-entry zones established. In the meanwhile, Landfall troops that had landed in Latvia would be detained, en masse, as upon learning of their nation's collapse, a large majority of them gave up their arms to Russian troops and officials.

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Diplomatic Note from Sverige


The Kingdom of Sverige would allocate resources and private contractors to help the Russian Government with Radiation Clean Up, and relief efforts for any that were effected by the detonations. The Kingdom would also open its doors to any Landfall Civilians looking for a new home.

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The Ministry of Emergency Management would cooperate with the Sverige government in the radiation clean-up effort. It was like Novgorod all over again! Landfall civilians would be welcomed to make mainland Estonia or Russia their home if they so desired. 

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Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear is dismayed by the sudden unexpected atomic devastation of Landfall.

This depressingly very precedented tragedy is completely inexcusable.

We're inclined to believe negligence is far less probable compared to malice.

Islands' of the Bear suspects the disaster was a deliberate act of nuclear terrorism.

Russian authorities ought be looking for those monsters responsible in this atrocity.


Nuclear cleanup is the responsibility of all nations.

Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear is committed to cleansing former Landfall. . .

. . . primarily through Kingdom of Sverige's efforts

We're sending 100 tons of food relief, over following three months, for Landfall survivors.

Also looking for citizens with fatal cancer for assisting in search and rescue of irradiated areas.

Procinctia Armament will be donating 800 hazardous materials suits and 50,000 geiger counters.

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