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Flight Control Reports Signs of Life

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We're Back, Better than ever, and now Gluten Free!


It's been a while since we've last had the opportunity to steal time away from you all on this great world forum. As some of you noticed, Europa has returned. While we initially thought all signs of life on the colony had been wiped out, it turns out that living in desolate, lonely conditions by ourselves is something the average Europa member is used to. Who knew?

In any case, we decided it was time for our return to this realm, so a bunch of us old founders got together and gave life to our glorious little alliance. Our forums were even online still, at least until we actually got serious about refounding, at which point they died. So yeah, our forums are a work in progress, as is our charter, which may or may not end up being a real thing. We really haven't decided how much we care yet. 


So yeah, that's about it. We hold no ill-will toward any of our former comrades or rivals, and honestly wish FEAR and Wolfpack all the best in their continued growth. 




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No IRC channel? Fake alliance.


Even when we were super active we didn't know how to run our IRC. 


e: I think you all fail to realize that the talented parts of BFF were in WP and FEAR. They're the only reason we were anywhere near a legitimate alliance. Without them you get the lol state of affairs we are in right now. 

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