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A Totally Spooky Early Halloween Themed Announcement from the Random Insanity Alliance


Greetings friends and heretics,

The Random Insanity Alliance recently held our bimontly elections and you will find the results below.

For our Triumvirate, we had an election between making Shadow the God Emperor and electing Ogaden to replace Hyperonic, who chose not to re-run this term. 85.7% of the vote went to making Shadow the God Emperor so he has been given that position as an advisor while Ogaden has been re-elected into the Triumvirate since we have technically not amended the ConstRItution to have a God Emperor yet. A slight oversight but that shall be corrected in the future. We congratulate Shadow on his new position and Ogaden on this return to the Triumvirate where Shadow also remains alongside im317. This marks the return of the previous Triumvirate of Shadow, im317, and Ogaden that everyone knows and loves.

For our 64th Cabinet, we had a range of interesting elections.

For Head of Internal Affaris we saw Croix win with 66.7% of the vote against anybody but Croix. Thus Croix will continue his work in the position as he has for the previous many months.

For Head of Economics, we saw Mogar win with 66.7% of the vote as well (I can only assume the secret CDS faction voted both of the above in power). We welcome him back as he takes over Ogaden's former position as Ogaden returns back to the Triumvirate. Mogar was once Head of Recruitment back in June/July 2012 so we welcome him back to government. And before anyone tells us how crazy we are for having Mogar in gov, just remember our name and also the fact he has been gov previously a few years back and we are still around.

For Head of Foreign Affairs, we saw brian win re-election with 33.3% of the vote. The other 66.7% went to DBDC who was disqualified for not being a single person and not being a member of the RIA. Fun times. With brian taking the position this leads to a majority ex-CDS in the cabinet. We'll have to keep an eye on them.

For Head of Military Operations, we saw Moth win with 83.3% of the vote after he showed off his unnatural bloodlust during our DBDC conflict but it was realized that he never actually ran for the position so the runner up biofantic gets re-elected with his 16.7% of the vote.

For Head of Recruitment, we saw our board's new cactuar mouse clicker win with 71.4% of the votes. It has shown to be very popular and you should visit our boards to see its silliness. However, as its an inanimate object the runner-up dester55 wins re-election with 28.6% of the votes.


For Captain Planet, we saw Mydas of CRAP edge out Meatkin Pie by taking 57.1% of the vote. Congrats to Mydas on being our newest Captain Planet.

In our first special election of the term for the position of Leo, we saw Kenny (aka Hyperonic) beat out Leo with 83.3% of the vote. We congratulatec him on his new position.

In our second special election of the term for the position of Prince of Darkness, we saw Jenne win with 71.4% of the vote against Ozzy Osbourne. We congratulate Jenne on his new position as well.

Government for October & November 2014

Triumvirate XII

64th Cabinet

Head of Economics:

Head of Foreign Affairs:

Head of Internal Affairs:

Head of Military Operations:

Head of Recruitment:


Captain Planet:
Mydas (of CRAP)

God Emperor

Prince of Darkness



Cactus Emeritus
Agent Lemon
Shadow Slayer
Thunder Strike

Floridian Tribal Elder


Economics Report

In these past two months we'd like to report an increase in our tech reserves to approximately 328,611 or 78.1% of our 420,663 infrastructure. 47% of our overall nation strength now comes from our tech while 36% comes from infrastructure, 14% from military, and 4% from land. We would like to thank the following alliances for filling our appetite for tech for the previous two month. Each of the following alliances fed us over 1000 tech in the previous term, all of which are also treaty partners of the RIA:

The Random Insanity Alliance for feeding us approximately 13,600 tech for $723,000,000.00. As always RIA members continue to help each other grow and increase tech. We are happy that our inter-alliance tech trading remains our highest source of tech.

R&R for feeding us approximately 5,100 tech in exchange for $441,000,000.00. As always they remain our largest foreign trade partner, a position which they have continuously remained as for the entirety of the previous several years, even during previous global conflicts. We thank them for continuously being awesome.

The New Polar Order for feeding us approximately 4,400 tech in exchange for $48,000,000.00. A large portion of this tech was sent to us for free to help replenish reserves lost during our nuclear war with the DBDC. We thank our good friends in the New Polar Order for this act of generosity. We love you guys. :)

The Congolese Soukous Society for feeding us approximately 4,400 tech  in exchange for $516,000,000.00. We are happy our new buddies on maroon have risen up to become one of our largest trading partners.

The Coalition of Royal Allied Powers for feeding us 3,400 tech in exchange for $258,000,000.00. Some of this was also given to us for free so we thank our buddies in CRAP for continuously being awesome and one of our top trade partners. :)

The New Sith Order for feeding us 2,800 tech in exchange for $0. We would like to thank our good friends in the New Sith Order for their generously in helping us further replenish our tech reserves after our nuclear war with the DBDC. We love you guys too! :)

Shangri-La for feeding us 1,500 tech in exchange for $78,000,000.00. Some of this was also donated for free and so we thank them for their continued friendship and trading. :)

The Templar Knights for feeding us 1,300 tech in exchange for $84,000,000.00. We thank them for their continued friendship and trading.

RIA Trade Partner for feeding us approximately 1,300 tech in exchange for $84,000,000.00. We love our RIA trading partners. I would like to remind everyone of this alliance affiliation which is an open AA for anyone who switches to maroon to receive protection from the RIA. Founded back in 2010, the requirements can be found on http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/RIA_Trade_Partner but in summary only include being on maroon, being on the AA, and after which you'll receive protection from the RIA for any unprovoked attacks. There is no real requirement for trading with the RIA on the AA though we do appreciate those that do. If anyone ever needs a temporary home when trying to decide on a new alliance or when being on break from alliances then RIA Trade Partner is a good place to hang out. :)

Also special thanks to Farkistan for donating 300 free tech as well.


War Report

We would recognize the following five nations - Baldr, im317, Jenne, Moth, Ogaden - with the following award - Towl00o.png - that displays under their names on our forums for their participation in the First RIA-DBDC Campaign (a.k.a. the Baldr War). These 5 combined fought approximately 14 wars - 9 offensive and 5 defensive - against DBDC nations. We thank them for their service to the RIA.


Llama Report


In this term's llama rankings we see im317 has barely inched out Ogaden and takes the number 1 llama herd. We look forward to further growth of our member's llama herds.




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