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October 4th 1914

17:34 Hours


Private Thomas Richardson of the 2nd Royal Sussex Regiment walked out of the dugout he had been sleeping in and began his walk down the trench. His footsteps on the duckboards made a dull thud, his Lee Enfield Mark III Rifle slung over his right shoulder. He passed several of his comrades who were huddled around a burning brazier, the smell of bacon permeating the air. Unfortunately for him, he was on duty.


He reached a periscope and looked through it over No Mans Land, towards the German Trenches. The Germans had been seen moving men through their forward trench, along with supplies. It was expected that they would try an attack soon but for now it was pretty quiet. He removed his gaze and walked to his post. As he walked he listened to the sound of laughter coming from a nearby dugout. He smiled and continued to walk, humming to himself.

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