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Allons Enfants de La Patrie!

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France at War!


[All movements herein are Classified]


A French declaration of War (To follow) was issued today to Britain and Romania in well translated and unencrypted versions of their respective languages just thirty seconds before the first missile from over three hundred unmanned aerial vehicles flying high over the British channel would land. The aircraft would be making for key British aerial bases, and major ports, as well as Army bases across all of the South, specifically prioritizing any aircraft caught on the ground. Following closely behind were thousands of cruise missile strikes, Japanese supplied BrahMos and French Perseus* missiles alike, targeting basic infrastructure, roads, railroads, electrical power plants, power lines, and cellphone towers all over the British Isles, so long as the destruction of these targets would cause no unnecessary civilian casualties. Manned strikes would follow shortly but were not yet in attacking.


Meanwhile the French Submarine Corps sortied forth from its Atlantic posts to patrol for enemy ships and submarines. Forces of the Army are fully deployed throughout France to counter any kind of domestic incursion. Any British warships passing through the English Channel would be fired on by long ranged French artillery and the channel was lined with anti-air defense points.


Text of the Declaration


France hereby declares open war on the governments of Britain and Romania for violations against the allies of France, with the following assertions.


Should all hostile parties agree to cease hostility against all allies of the French government and accept reparations, hostilities will be immediately cancelled, but should this not happen within the first month of the conflict France will be forced to pursue the war to the fullest extent possible, unto the surrender of all hostile nations.


France will not cause undue casualties to civilian populations unless it is first done to France, nor will France deploy any manner of WMD in a first strike.


France will not surrender under any terms should defeat come to it by some unforeseen circumstance.

[spoiler]*Seriously guys, even if it was the legit Perseus it would only be a little above the BrahMos. I didn't think I had to state this because you were all thinking individuals,  but what I have here operates on only existing technology, meaning No, it isn't the actual Perseus, it's a BrahMos that looks different and is French.[/spoiler]

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*All troop movements and communications are assumed to be classified.*

The signal that Admiral Otem had been dreading came in. What had been peaceful exercises in order to build trust and cooperation was now something more. He knew that, even now, the Republic had begun engaging hostile forces in the Mediterranean, and an attack had been launched on one of the nerve centers of the enemy coalition. He closed his eyes and breathed slow and deep before speaking the words he had hoped to avoid, “Launch all squadrons. Destroy any hostile ships that come within range.”

A hush fell across the bridge of the Republic’s flagship, followed by an explosion of activity. Orders went out, jets launched into the sky, and the Atlantic Fleet opened up with all the fury of an angry god. The roar of war and chaos surrounded Otem, and at last he opened his eyes. He supposed it was better to be an Admiral at sea, where at least he didn’t have to witness the carnage that would befall the men and women of Britain. Even still, he shuddered to imagine the death unleashed because of the hubris of politicians.

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With the entire British fleet moving towards them, a pair of Mitsubishi RQ-170 Senchineru that had been running surveillance for such a move fed their data back to the EAI fleet, The Allied fleet had been only using Satcomms for the duration of the exercise, so the only EM transmissions the British would be able to detect came from the AESA Radars upon the RQ-170s. They would seek as much data as possible regarding the British fleet's location and direction of travel, the information being spread among allies. The EAI fleet began to make their movements, the full compliment of 240 F/A-18 superhornets with loadsouts of two AIM-120D, four AGM-88 HARMs, and four AGM-84 would make to the sky, with 30 EA-18G Unarumonos alongside them running full jamming to cover their movements until they were in position to unleash their weapons. the flotilla would also send up its AWACS, to allow for early warning of opposing aircraft. Anti submarine actions would begin, with the landing ships helicopters as well as the corvettes.

Upon France proper, 6,000 LiaoShō missiles would be targeted with 750 missiles a piece at, British Army Headquarters, Navy Command Headquarters, RAF Air Command, MI6, 10 Downing Street, Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, London Heathrow Airport. Additionally, 1000 BLU-114/B LiaoShō would be targeted at power substations and electrical production facilities, targeting the southern regions of Great Britain. The 40,000 EAI Marines within France embedded themselves in the northeastern regions of the country, with the 40,000 Army taking positions alongside their French allies in the south west, awaiting further instructions, SAM and Guntanks were kept at maximum preparedness.
UAV Patrols of the Hessian border began, as well as along the Spanish. Eight Kawasaki RQ-4 Gurōbaruhōku were deployed along the French-Spanish border, with four in the air at any particular time, taking high resolution pictures of what was across the border. Four would be devoted to the Hessian border, it was unlikely they would make any movements, but there was always a risk, and until a diplomatic discussion could be held Hesse had to be treated as a potential enemy.
5 minutes after missiles had begun to hit their targets in Britain, the following message would be released.


"The East Asian Imperium stands with our allies.Lord John Marbury is considered a sexual criminal and will be required to be handed over to the Imperium before hostilities may conclude."


-Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Hoshiko, Sovereign of Japan and Joseon, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia FlowersGrand Cordon of the Order of the Precious CrownGrand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure 


Additionally 2 diplomatic cables would be sent out using the the highest encryption and Satellites to ensure interception was impossible.



To Northlands:
"You may have noticed the rising tensions in Europe have begun to boil, while we hold a treaty, we will be formally asking you to remain neutral for the duration of the conflict, I personally assure that your borders will not be broken by any from our coalition. Obviously due to the sensitivity of active combat I cannot answer everything, but if you have questions or concerns I will be happy to answer them."

-Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Hoshiko, Sovereign of Japan and Joseon, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia FlowersGrand Cordon of the Order of the Precious CrownGrand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure 



To Hesse:


"As I left your party shortly after my abuse at the hands of the British Foreign Minister, and your nation currently shares no diplomatic attachments to those who will become embroiled in the war that rages across Europe, I would like to ask for a clarification of what Hesse would like to see emerge from the fires of conflict for a future Europe. I am interested in hearing your reply, as it is the belief of myself and those who fight alongside me that all regions should be given a say in how their region is governed, not simply a few dictating policy to the rest of their continent. Should you wish to remain neutral, you have my assurance that Hesse will remain unmolested by coalition forces."

-Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Hoshiko, Sovereign of Japan and Joseon, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia FlowersGrand Cordon of the Order of the Precious CrownGrand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure 

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With the sudden threat of imminent attack, the Federal fleet, on exercise in the North Atlantic near France with allied fleets, would move to Modified General Quarters, Condition Yellow Two. Weapons control was released on all ships under the control of the TAO. All AEGIS platforms, including the Freedom, Peary and Missouri class ships, would bring their radar suites online, but not in transmit/receive mode; they would be held in standby until ordered to go active. ESM would also be brought up both on the hunting subs and the surface ships themselves, searching for enemy emissions with all the doggedness and skill of a bloodhound.
Three RF-18s, equipped with ECM pods and a quartet of AIM-120 AMRAAMs were launched from the carriers' decks, making their way towards the British fleet. Two E-2C AWACS platforms were also launched up to their operating altitude to locate and coordinate against aerial attack. Each carrier also launched 16 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets armed for anti-air duties as a CAP detachment, the remaining compliment of sixty-five planes per carrier being fitted with anti-air and anti-shipping strike packages. The carriers themselves would drop back, staying within mutual defense range of their Tikalian allies' carriers and escorts, accompanied by their destroyer escorts, while the rest of the ships would forge on ahead.
All comms directly to the fleet would be done via satellite, to limit the possibility of detection. Otherwise, the only emissions the fleet would make with be that of the RADAR, which, until the British fleet was found or the fleet was alerted to incoming threats, would be held in standby.
"Admiral, we've acquired the enemy." the stocky Captain reported, in the CIC aboard the PFS Federation. Admiral Jane Hedlund nodded, then sighed, rubbing her temples.
"Convey my compliments to your fire control crew and SONAR technicians on their find, as well as the drone operators. Now, Captain..." she said, pausing a moment to reread the orders she had from the President very, very carefully. "Move to Condition Red One. Full weapons release authorized under TAO authority with the exception of nuclear munitions which still lie under Command Authority." she said, each word feeling like a hammer dropping from her lips. She knew very well that many thousands of people were going to die in the next few hours, and she knew full well she could be one of them.
"Aye aye, Admiral." the Captain growled, and turned to his bridge crew. "Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to test our metal against a worthy foe. So cry 'havoc!' and let loose the dogs of war!"
The bridge crew cheered for a moment, and then the bridge turned into a hive of activity, the roar of jets on the flight deck rising to a fever pitch, growing ever louder, as the planes moved into position. Admiral Hedlund turned to the comms officer. "Patch me through to the rest of the fleet, Lieutenant."
"Yes, ma'am. And... you're on."
"To all Plains Federation ships: This is the Admiral speaking. Our part in this exercise has been cancelled. The exercise itself has been cancelled, for the British fleet currently steams towards us with intent to engage. France has just declared war upon them. Our allies in Tikal are surely doing the same. Once they have, the President will have no choice but to ask Congress to honor the treaty we have made with our brothers and sisters in Tikal.
I'm entirely convinced he would choose to ask Congress to do so either way.
So, by order of the President and in accordance with Naval engagement protocol, set Condition Red One throughout the fleet. Prepare for battle and speak your prayers, for tonight you may dine in whatever version of the afterlife you believe in." she said, and paused. "May God watch over you all, and may He bless the Federation. The world is watching. I know you'll do me proud, and your families even more so. Give 'em hell. Hedlund out."
When the enemy was finally located via drone, recon fighter or other means, the fleet's radar installations would be brought online, and targets would be painted by AWACS and shipboard fire control.
In coordination with launch orders from the Tikalian fleet, like an almighty hammer, six hundred Harpoons and TASMs would be fired at the British fleet when they reached their respective ranges. Some were fitted with decoy warheads, designed to mimic a large formation of missiles each on their own, in the hopes of confusing enemy fire. The rest were fitted with HARM-type sensors, and the TASMs cameras would search for the familiar outlines of an enemy ship, along with the usual HARM sensor.
The fleet's remaining 210 fighters would then launch as well, all aimed like a spear towards the enemy's fleet. They, too, would be coordinated and predicated on their allies' attacks being launched.

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[Highly Classified]


As the conflict was imminent, Tikal's fleets - already at high alert status - went into highest alert and all weapons were given the 'free' designation. The fleet from Bermuda had joined the main fleet by now, if some distance away to prevent easy targeting of all at once, while the fleet at Trinidad was further south, using support of 2 AWACS planes to shadow the Carthaginan fleet just outside of their awareness range. All fleets were arranged in a pattern that protected the carriers, at the same time not too close together to prevent easy targeting of multiple vessels. The fleets were arranged for defence, leaving offense to air units for now, but also readying their missiles for offensive operations.


All defence systems would be brought online nearly at once while Sat comms fed the allied fleets British and Carthaginan positions through the SOSUS network if the British/Carthaginans were anywhere near it, and through information obtained from Druk Yul's ARES system. Carriers launched 2 squadrons with CAP configuration, the rest of the planes equipped with Anti-Air or Anti-Shipping configurations.


All communications were going through satellite, minimising detection and interception. If allied forces or satellites detected any missile launches, detection systems for missile defence systems would immediately come online to counter the threat. Radar was otherwise held in standby until the enemy forces were detected. If missile launches from Carthaginan ships or land-positions were detected, Tikal would retaliate immediately and without mercy. Orders were to fire up to 600 missiles with mixed Harm/optical and mixed Radar/optical guidance from the southern fleet that had been shadowing Carthage's ships and again as much from the main fleet further north - but only in the case of such retaliation occurring.


As soon as allied or Tikalian forces had detected the Brits, all systems were to be brought online at full capacity, targets to be painted by AWACS and fleet-integrated fire control systems. A grand total of 1,000 Tomahawk ASM and Harpoon missiles were readied, then fired at the Brits, several fit with decoy warheads, each mimicking a large formation of missiles in order to confuse hostile defence systems. The rest were fit with either HARM sensors or radar-guidance, and in both cases with specialised cameras that would recognise outlines of enemy vessels.

After the missile launches, the fleet's entire complement of fighters was launched, totalling 306 Rafales in support of allied airplane formations, coordinated with allied forces in every possible way.




In France, Tikal had 5 infantry divisions and 3 armoured divisions with assorted support vehicles, as well as three squadrons of Eurofighters. Two squadrons were placed on CAP, the rest prepared for AA and missile-interception duties, though packages for attacks on British holdings were prepared, as well.

Targets for Tikal's missile forces in France were predominantly radar positions, airfields for cratering, power plants, munitions factories and known stockpiles, as well as factories producing war materials and those able to be re-tooled to build such materials. Bunker busters would be fired at known airplane-bunkers and command bunkers. The missiles would be launched the moment French and EAI missiles launched.  

From Tikal itself, missiles to destroy all known British satellite-assets would be launched the moment Missile Command got word of France and the EAI firing their missiles into Britain. Spy sats, communications, GPS, everything owned by Britain or a British company that might help their war effort was targeted in space.
Further, nationals from Britain, Carthage, Prussia, Novak, Romania, Sparta and Parthua would be expelled, if there were even any in Tikal, which wasn't very likely at all. Before being sent back to their homelands, they would be searched meticulously for any devices that might carry information or data, these devices being confiscated entirely. Those who complained would be reimbursed by being given enough Tikalian Quetzal that they could turn into their home nation's currency once back home to buy a new device.

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To Northlands:
"You may have noticed the rising tensions in Europe have begun to boil, while we hold a treaty, we will be formally asking you to remain neutral for the duration of the conflict, I personally assure that your borders will not be broken by any from our coalition. Obviously due to the sensitivity of active combat I cannot answer everything, but if you have questions or concerns I will be happy to answer them."

-Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Hoshiko, Sovereign of Japan and Joseon, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia FlowersGrand Cordon of the Order of the Precious CrownGrand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure 



A response would be quickly forwarded from the Office of Foreign Affairs, with the King's signature.


This request is highly unusual and I'm unaware of any treaty between our nations that would require us to become involved in this conflict. That being said, you and every nation have my assurances that the Northlands is not eager to engage in needless bloodshed and sees no reason to currently involve itself in this war. The Northlands remains committed to its allies, and we will provide aid to the nations of Sverige, Russia, Landfall, and Carthage should the homelands of these nations come under aggressive attack as per our treaty obligations. 



King William IV



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"Thank goodness for the utopia which has been bestowed upon us by the shapers of this new world. I for one am thankful we live in a world where many imperialist nations feel no remorse in teaming up to take down an outnumbered force for no reason at all. Surely this world is nothing like the one we left behind." -Chairman Travkin

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"Thank goodness for the utopia which has been bestowed upon us by the shapers of this new world. I for one am thankful we live in a world where many imperialist nations feel no remorse in teaming up to take down an outnumbered force for no reason at all. Surely this world is nothing like the one we left behind." -Chairman Travkin

"Indeed Comrade, for no longer shall the people of the world be held to the shackles of their neighbors dictating their foreign policy, nations are free to choose their own allies without fear of retribution, the revolution is finally upon us to take down the bourgeois that have filled our world like a cancer!" 

-Anonymous East Asian Communist Party Member

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"Indeed Comrade, for no longer shall the people of the world be held to the shackles of their neighbors dictating their foreign policy, nations are free to choose their own allies without fear of retribution, the revolution is finally upon us to take down the bourgeois that have filled our world like a cancer!" 

-Anonymous East Asian Communist Party Member

"You sound like that Hawaiian idiot"

-Anonymous citizen of Carthage

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At the same time as the rest of the coalition fleet, the 400 F/A-18 Superhornets from the Palaven fleet, with a mix of four AIM-120D, three AGM-88 HARMs, and four AGM-84 missiles would move in tandem with the others flying towards the British fleet. The Destroyers, Corvettes and Landing Ships would begin ASW operations, sharing data with the coalition only through secure SATCOMMS to ensure that there would be no chatter overheard by the British.


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The Hannover navy has set sail from its home port out into local Hannover waters, with the carrier forming the flagship at the center of the formation, the cruisers surrounding it as a defense screen. The lighter surface vessels are forming a second screen further out and the pair of attack submarines are ranging ahead of the formation, searching for contacts. The fleet is slowly heading out towards the Atlantic at a reasonable speed. 

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OOC:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmx_z3b1_YWTcpjRvQeQW_Ky0X4RQUTxG


Also regarding Mara's stuff following Ty's instructions:


Ty: She wasn't able to provide me with proof, so assume she's using whatever highest tech is available for her [12:22am]


I'm RPing her stuff as the highest tech year, which means those Growlers she RPs (neither Ty or I can figure out the numbers of how she got them aren't around.)  Should she provide proof, I'll edit accordingly.





Today, all decorum by those pretending to be civilized failed.  The heights of egomania building among certain self proclaimed messiahs and living gods has failed.  Today Britain finds herself once more thrust into the abyss, tasked with defending civilization, sovereignty, and all things decent.  I do not pretend it will be easy, but these tiny islands in a large world, have and will continue to, stand for freedom and against tyranny.


Let me be one hundred percent clear.  Our enemies have entirely made up causes of war because they wish to attack Britain and impose their political will on it.  Britain has attacked no nation, neither has Britain demanded anyone not be allies with anyone else, unfortunately it is true our foreign minister had a mishap in Hesse, but he did not refuse to apologize, he refused to apologize at knife point.  As if an accidental however unfortunate placement of the hand justifies the death of one man or woman let alone hundreds of thousands.  No.


This war is about one thing and one thing only; and that my fellow countrymen is vanity.  It is the vanity which we have seen grow in courts around the world, leaders who hold themselves to be the new ubermen.  They believe themselves the embodiment of their nations, and their nations exceptional.  Indeed the Field Marshall of the French Army told us at White Castle that France does not believe in the sovereign borders of the nation state.  This hall mark of peace which has reigned since Westphalia ending the 30 Years War, which was the cornerstone of the founding of the Atlantic Charter and the Charter of the United Nations, which protects men and women around the world from the idea that another government can come in and impose their will simply because they have more guns.  This most sacred principle, that Our Land is Our Land and Your Land is Your Land, and that we cannot just come and take it, this principle of Sovereignty which the French Empress does not believe in.


Every man from chimney sweepers in Leeds to foreign diplomats and world leaders think on that.  Think hard in choosing who you support!


Instead she says the sovereignty of people.  Well that’s interesting.  Because while it may sound all well and good, very fashionable, very edgy, against those stuff old British.  Lets actually all think for a moment whose applied that, the sovereignty of people.


At the turn of the 21st Century, there was of course the man named Mr. Putin, who lead a state at the time called the Russian Federation, who said there were more Russians in certain regions of its neighbors.  Russians were of course a sovereign people, and needed to be accommodated, so what did he do?  He attacked them.  Mr. Hitler in the 1930s demanded Germans as a sovereign people all should be one, and so he reoccupied Rhineland, then forced Austria into his union, and then demanded part of Czechoslovakia.  Why?  Because they were German afterall.  The German people were what was sovereign, not the legal borders of !@#$%*.  And when he was done there he marched on Poland, because the sovereign peoples of Germany needed a corridor to East Prussia.  And then on and on.  This was World War II.  


This, this is the principles which the French espouse.  What can the British be accused of?  Well a foreign minister who likes scotch too much of course, for that I apologize.  But equally is in this same conversation with the French, our defense minister said to the French that we were open to amicable relations, but we had our concerns.  Chief among these concerns was not who the French allied though, but what those allies were doing.  Our defense minister conveyed to the French Government that we would, “In truth we could probably return to a period of relations analogous to the Entente Cordiale if France not necessarily cancelled all its treaties, but asked its allies to remain in their parts of the world and seemed to make Europe and cooperation among all European states a priority.”


Well, goodness, why ever would we ask that French allies no have huge military presence around our borders for no reason.  It certainly is not the fact that these very allies just launched this terrible war based on lies and no premise at all.  We did not only not ask France to cancel on its allies, we said that we’d rather that France’s allies stay away in order to achieve an alliance with Britain, not peace with Britain, but merely an alliance.  Nowhere in our conversation did we ever once say that France and Britain could not have peace.  Afterall, historically the nation of Switzerland was neutral for centuries, it had no alliances, did that mean it was not at peace with everyone else?  Of course not that is ridiculous.


We did say we were worried they lacked independence from Japan.  But can you blame us?  Can anyone.  France is attacking the UK, a fellow European state, after Japan sends forces into Europe, with no attempt at negotiation, and is hosting allies of Japan with whom France has never had relations for the purpose of enlarging Japanese power.  Power which continues to be on the imperialist march from here to Siberia.    Aside from replacing Napoleon’s tomb with Oda Nobunaga’s exactly how less independent can one be?


We too support the claims of sovereignty over areas in former Snow Haven that ceased being part of France and were properly claimed by others.  But so what, why is France entitled to these lands?  Cause they were at one time French?  So was England, and so was large swaths of France part of England.  These aren’t valid claims on each other.  Or perhaps it is because there are French speakers, well we’ve already covered 1938, 1994, 2008, and 2014 and seen the results of this from Messrs.’ Hitler and Putin.  


But what have we done with these claims, forwarded diplomatic support and asked France to rule out the use of military force in its territorial claims to these regions.  For this to be a reason for France to attack us, it’d need to necessarily be in absolute opposition to diplomacy.  


So what remains?  Truly ask yourself.  Set aside what nation is the attacker, set aside what nation is the defender.  Set aside your prejudices towards individuals.  Set all that aside and ask yourself, “What remains, why start this war?”


What reason does France have for war other than naked aggression and ambition.  The British Nation is guilty of one thing.  Insulting the Vanity of the French Empress and her special Japanese ‘Friend.’   


Do you want to live in a world based on this?  If not.  Come join us.  Join us for standing for Freedom once more!


To this I have one thing to say to the British People, to all the Free Peoples of the World.  K.B.O.  Keep Buggering On!  



The forward reconnaissance elements of the Plains Federation Fleet, had already heightened the alert causing aircraft patrols to be taken off, movement of key personnel, targeting updates, and increase signal monitoring and deployment of high altitude ISR assets across the Isles and the outlying regions to support what increasingly seemed to be more than just an exercise.  Air sirens ran across the nation as the mobilization was noticed with spikes in spectrum activity around Britain, giving people a chance to take cover before the chaos of war erupted if only for a moment.  


Across the British Nation, the incoming attack had been well prepared for and would be ready to be responded to in kind.  As expected large amounts of enemy fire were being amassed  against them, without a strong integrated operational level plan

.  Predator UAVs and the like the French sent in their initial wave, were wholly unsurvivable in a full spectrum threat environment would be easy pickings as they ran into the British combat air patrols as well as the IADS system, mobile AA guns, etc, advanced missiles would not be used to deal with the low end threats as well as their low end ordinance, however, it gave just enough notice to get the Brits a good adrenaline rush going.  


With the nation on high alert pilots were scrambling to their aircraft in the South as the first waves came in, almost as soon as they did PNT spoofing and downlink jamming systems[[url=http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/space/primer/space_systems_survivability.pdf]1[/url]] came on across the South for all but the British PNT military grade encryption signals.  The attacks included not just advanced jamming but brute force attacks upon which would in large measure neutralize the GNO3 guidance systems aboard the missile systems.  This would leave inertial guidance for land targets, and radar guidance for the rest of the targets.  (OOC: This statement applies to all missiles).  The net result would be a massive increase the CEP of individual missiles, making them more akin to mass area dumb bomb attacks on a general area of the countryside.


The calculated effect of this would be to have damage more wide spread but allow critical targets more breathing room from saturation attacks.  The British Combat Air patrols as well as airborne and space borne sensor assets fed into the national cruise missile defense system, which rapidly programmed which assets would still hit critical military/dual use targets and which would effect surrounding areas, further the high altitude of the sensors and high emissions of the Brahmos missiles made them more susceptible to engagement from distance.  A game of streaming missile tag scored across the skies of England as civilian targets were punished with brute force attacks along with non-wartime headquarters, such as Buckingham and White Hall, but the war bunkers, the national fighting structures remained largely intact.  Orders were given to hunker down in Bunkers as these areas were left undefended.  The small apartments at 10 Downing Street and its surrounding neighbors suffered particularly as hundreds of thousands of pounds in priceless 19th century mahogany furniture were subject to devastation by 2 billion dollars worth of Japanese cruise missiles or twice the price tag of the 2011 American Libyan Intervention.  It was truly a tragedy.  


At the end of the attack much of downtown London had been subject to a devastating bombardment, but the British flag remained.  Many civilian homes were without power, rail lines remained mostly operational as reductions in CEP as well as the general ill-suitedness of the kinetic power based weapon, with a relatively light task left to defending the key aspects of the British Army, resulting in a minor degradation of national effectiveness but a great deal of systems key to the nation left uninterrupted.


Heart of Oak:


At sea the presence of reconnaissance by the Plains Federation was a large tip off for the already alert naval forces.  In fact, the arrogance of the Plains Federation Admiral could be the deciding factor for the entirety of the War.  British aircraft began quickly taking off from their decks surging the presence of the British fleet in the Atlantic, while the use of pencil beam style radar largely masked their presence as they went into maneuvers vs the rest of the adversary fleets.  The British task forces began to move Northwards towards the gap between Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland, engaging in zig zag manuvers and forces came in for the attack.  Moving at full speed, the ability for the enemy fleets to sub sonic missile attacks to close range before running out of gas was largely negated.  


The fleets deployment of F/A-18’s APG-79 radars would give the fleet advanced readings on cruise missile forces lower radar cross section and downwards surface capabilities.  E/A-18Gs would provide jamming for the fleet as it moved back.  Harpoons with their shorter range and much more advanced engines and guidance packages would be the most difficult to intercept.  Growler jamming at longer range, right outside the enemy fleet air defense nets would prevent course corrections for missiles, causing them to expend fuel while trio of B-1 Rs at stand off range would engage them, using updated data from the F-18 AESA radars to achieve maximum kill ratio.  60 harpoons would be brought down like this, before the B-1s super cruised back to Scotland while those closest to the Irish coast would be engaged and destroyed by ASTER-30 missiles, slaved to the skyborne radars, bringing down an additional 32, while a second wave of Growlers would provide close in fleet jamming support, complimenting onboard electronic warfare systems, and the fleets radars would be integrated with onboard ones.  Of the original 288 harpoons (Mara said just her ‘vettes shot harpoons each able to fire a max of 8, and Lyn said assume a 1:4 ratio, with him firing 1000 missiles total), this left a total of, 196 for the entirety of the royal navy.  


Jamming managed to take care of an additional 60, bringing the number down to 132 to engage.  Combining the sea borne and air borne radars, most of cruise missiles advantages were heavily negated as missile after missile destroyed them, 90 neutralized a mid range, 30 at close and terminal range, leaving 12 to slam into targets, one San Antonio took significant damage eating two, another hit the side of a frigate causing significant damage, a three slammed into one of the WASP class causing significant damage, two hit littoral combat ships brining them to take on water and have significant damage, while the Warspite pulled a sharp turn as one slammed into the water, the mighty carier finally took two to the side, its armor was heavily damaged and several planes were lost but the ships were still very much in tact.  The fleet continued at full speed.  


The tomahawks were a whole different matter.  Fired at near max range it would take them nearly half an hour to reach their targets, actually even longer, because the fleet was moving away, and the Tomahawk missiles were also heavily jammed, in a electro magnetically contested environment, rendering lock near impossible to keep.  (In fact this largely had to do with the reason that the U.S. Navy had decommissioned them, and that was in an era where airborne AESA radars were practically non-existent for early detection and the American military owned the EM spectrum for doing course updates.)  In the end the Tomahawk was simply an awful choice for the attack.  Most crashing into the water after expending fuel trying to re-lock on and re-lock on and the remaining easily soaked up by the combined fleet defenses.  


The deployment of Japanese RQ-170s from France would also set off alarm bells as they flew over the British isles to their targets (RQ-170s are land launched and shorter range, I don’t see how this is avoidable to get to the Royal Navy.  While the RQ-170 had very limited radar low obervability features, it was not by any means a stealth aircraft, F-15 Slam Eagles flew up to intercept it quite readily, leaving the follow on attacks blind.  Now was the battle in the air…


Fighters swarmed hrough the sky, as the attackers entered the hornets nest that were the British Isles and their surrounding seas!


F-23s in formations of 4 would be divided through the fronts using their advanced AESA radars and IRST systems with low probability of intercept to monitor, and send over pencil beam low probability of intercept frequencies to other fighter formations in the area, while maintaining super cruise and high altitude, as well as taking advantage of their loitering time.  Most Advanced F/A-18 E/Fs on offense would be equipped with weapons pods, while on defense they would combine external armaments, this allowed hem to maximize stealth.  Slam Eagles would also maximize their stealth for intercepting incoming forces. 


Homing in on beacons of EM energy approaching ranging from AWACs to growlers, the F-23s would engage these targets at superior altitude, using their stealth and sensors to get the jump on them as they engaged hem.  E-2s and E-3s would be relatively easy targets, while Growlers would be at severe kinematic disadvantages vis-a-vis the Black widows, who kept the fight closer to their fleets, and out of range for Raptors from France to scramble, without attaching fuel tanks thereby ruining their stealth, and inviting the wrath of the British IADS.  


At the same time, British growlers would work to prevent radar lock and detection, while interior EC-130 Js would block communications between the squadrons,  and British, Sea, Land, and Air radars including E-3 and E-2s would help monitor aircraft and missiles as they came in.  Both fleets and ground based defenses would engage enemy planes, while the British air force would employ swarming tactics, given their much lower detection ranges and lower flight times, allowing them to swarm in on clusters of enemy aircraft.  Jamming missile locks, while being pummeled by outnumbered aircraft, while B-1 Rs would provide long range defense, firing off volleys to defeat enemy aircraft and the missiles they managed to get off.  The results would be that the British would never enter into aircraft engagements where they didn’t have advantages in altitude, fuel, and numbers, as well as superior detection ranges, giving them near certainties to overcome each wave, while the enemy aircraft would need to also fight through the IADS and seabased SAM nests around the British Isles.  


F-15s and F-23s would take particular pleasure in forcing fights with the older F/A-18 Super Hornets of the Plains Federation, which would be torn to shreds, without the presence of AESA Radars.  They’d also prioritize engaging the Growlers of the enemy air power, pounding them relentlessly, even at the cost of letting some super hornets escape.  The reason for this was simple, there was about to be a very very nasty surprise.


A combination attack would be employed to pound the enemy force.  ASBMs would be employed against the enemy fleet, taking advantage of the deployment of a semi-circle (OOC: Mogar’s words, logs provided on request), to target the fleets weaker carrier elements which were less protected.  With the enemy forces spamming up fighters, their positions would easily be identifiable.  One key would be the engagement of the the three carriers from the Plains Federation, because the Plains Federation had significantly less advanced EM capabilities to protect itself from the incoming ASBMs.  Each of the EAI and the Tikal carriers would be saturated by 12 ASBMs fielding a mix of four armor penetrating warheads capable of doing in the carriers, along with 8 bomblet warheads which were more than enough to demolish the capabilities to launch (and crucially with the massive deployment of aircaft land) planes on the carrier decks.  The dispersed bomblet attacks would have the additional advantage in that they’d make point defenses even more difficult to defeat.  The Plains Federation faced 16 a piece, with an even distribution between dispersed bomblets and armor penetrating warheads to bring their carriers to their knees.


At the same time flying past the fighter engagements two growlers per squadron of rafales, 140 aircraft total, flew through towards the Plains Federation fleets.  Conducting directed electronic attacks and DRFM jamming of their defenses, which were especially vulnerable without the presence of AESA radars as on newer models of aircraft and ships.  The Rafales unleashed exocet cruise missiles, while the growlers fired off Harpoons, with special targeting being given to the carriers, sixty missiles per carrier from a mere 60 kilometer ranger, while air to air missiles were prepped for any additional hornets to engage within this close to the enemy formations.  This had the dual effect of also forcing the alignment of radars between high altitude ballistic and low altitude cruise missiles in order to be able to target both.  


Simultaneous with these attacks, with the enemy fleet configured in a semi circle the most of the British Surface Fleet went North in a straight on attack towards that flank, while a escorted carrier force moved towards the North East of Scotland, under the umbrella of the national interceptor and missile defense system.  The force unleashed hell on the coalitions North side, escorted by rotating aircraft and jammers, Naval strike missiles fired at the out defense like from 100 kilometers in rapid salvos from littoral combat ships, targeting fleet picket units, before using their speed to retreat.  Each ship firing salvos of the advanced sea skimming high subsonic missiles, which also utilized advanced imaging technology to avoid radar and infrared countermeasure jamming.  E/A-18G Growlers meanwhile utilized spoofing and DRFM jamming techniques to provide greater amounts of decoys for the enemy missile defense forces.  Groups of three super hornets and the growlers committed to the missions followed on with swarms of SLAM-ER missiles from the supporting aircraft and 200 kilometer range swarms of RGM/AGM-84L missiles 180 in total, following in with the highly concentrated attacks.  At the same time as the fleets were punching through the Northern perimeter of the Semi-Circle, from the home islands, targeting drones had been marshaled into service, providing decoys mimicing the patterns of missiles, to hold enemy forces at bay.  And the employment of land based anti-ship missiles held the Southern hook of the semi-circle out to see, ready to pound it with missiles if it moved close to Cornwall, Ireland, or Wales, forcing them to move out to sea and have difficult coming to the aid of the northern area, in time for the British superior concentration of fire power to be brought to bear.


Meanwhile along English and along both sides channel inside the IADS the British B-2 force was commiting its own mission.  Its goal was not to strike the French, but rather it deployed 1600 naval mines around usable beach landing zones, and forcing French ships that may have sought to use the channel to project more power into Southern England far to the French side of it.  Simultaneously, 1000 SRBMs combined with a hidden wave from Scotland of 2000 Tomahawk IV missiles were employed again used while EC-130 Js jammed interlinked communications on the French side, while decoys provided additional jamming.  Using terrain hugging the cruise missiles swarmed in on targets evading hardened defenses till the very end before converging on target areas from multiple directions forcing reorientation of radars, which impeded accuracy against the multiple vectored assault, which in its final stages for the most part used a combinations of bomblets and missiles.  Unlike the Brahmos system, the PNT recievers on tomahawks were battle tested and highly highly jam resistant.  Ballistic missiles while obviously not capable of swarming, came in at steep angles being employed against larger heavier radar and air locations.  While the employment of coordinated attack of ballistic missiles, forced the radars to be diversified and the automated systems needed to engage both set to different modes, rendering defenses less effective.  Radars and aircraft installations, most particularly those that held the F-22s raptor forces were targeted (raptors being identified by having been flown into France with no normal radar signature but showed up on some OTH systems.)  Additionally focus was put on putting most of the fields in Northern France where the Raptors could use their 400 kilo combat radius offline, forcing Raptors in future missions to be deployed at least for now with external fuel tanks, dampening stealth and rendering them vulnerable to the outer layers of SAMs as soon as they neared the channel from France. 


Units moving to engage targets in space, were for the most part disappointed at least for now.  British electromagnetic jamming made lock ons of ASATS moving from the fleets in contention difficult, in the end a British Imager satellite and two civilian comm satellites were lost.  However, the British were also going to be hitting targets combining the deployment of directed energy weapons to jam satellites and kinetic attacks to take them down.


British forces around the islands had been mobilized with mobile forces ready to defend the beaches and air defenses ready to repulse airborne drops.  Civilian boats had been sent out in various locations both to continue their livelihoods, but many also had listening equipment on them.  Concentric rings of anti-air and anti-ship missiles stood ready, as the British Sub force stood silent guard.  All was now ready.

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“We are ready for you, Your Imperial Highness”

Anysus nodded at the aide who had come to forward the message, the time of war was finally upon Carthage and figuring out just what to say had taken him way longer than it should. As he looked over his statement one more time he left his office and walked to the media room. The Imperial Command Centre truly was prepared for everything. Once there he took a seat behind the desk. Behind him was a large flag of Carthage.

“You are on in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1...”


It is times like these that we must remember our ancestors. Many years ago a group reached the shores of this beautiful country with a single desire. The ability to establish a state where they could live in peace and freedom. This single hill grew into a city and the city into an empire before it fell at the hands of forces that knew not of sovereignty and whose drive to expand could not be contained. Our ancestors were murdered, our cities razed, our empire annihilated. I do not state this because I begrudge those who have wronged us in the past, they themselves have suffered and many we can now call allies and even some of our own citizens. While we should not blame those who have wronged us in the past we may never forget what they did lest we see a repeat again. This is the philosophy every Carthaginian lives by and it is the pledge our armies die for.

Once again the forces of evil and terror stand at our gates, now they are not the Romans but the Japanese, the French and the Americans. Even those we have called friends count themselves among them. Led by an empress who would so rapidly move to war after already being responsible for the numerous deaths of her own people and the self-proclaimed Napoleon who has no respect for the concepts of sovereignty. Are these the people you want to be ruled by?

Carthaginians, today we are one. Citizen or Civilian. African or European. Rich or Poor. We are all free peoples of this great Empire and to remain so we must all make the ultimate sacrifice. A living man who lives in cowardice and slavery is worse off than a dead man who died bravely in freedom. For the whole earth is the sepulchre of famous men; and their story is not graven only on stone over their native earth but lives on far away, without visible symbol, woven into the stuff of other men’s lives.

And let me make this clear; we will not lose and we will not die for even a single free soldier of Carthage is better than a thousand slaves of evil. In line with my own authority, reinforced by a resolution by the senate and the popular will of the people, I do hereby proclaim a state of war against those who have attacked Britain. Furthermore I specifically declare a state of war upon France for holding our brothers and sisters hostage. There shall be no quarter for evil, no mercy for terror.

Operation: Dateline

As the General Staff had long since forwarded the orders for this offensive it took only the declaration to kick it into action. When it came to the Carthaginian-French frontline there was one important advantage in effect for both sides. The Pyrenees. However in effect these would prove a lot more advantageous to Carthage than France, surveillance had long since determined the presence of American and Japanese forces in France and the presence of these natural barriers made sure the Carthaginian side of the border was easily defended against enemy incursion. Even if in superior numbers. To aid in the defence of Iberia the Carthaginian Air Force would dedicated F-15 Slam Eagles and F-1s to protect the airspace near the border and quickly intercept any airborne threat that crossed the border. These fighters would also serve to protect Predator and Reaper drones in the area tasked with watching the border and engaging any enemy forces that tried to use the few passes available to them. On the other side elements of the Carthaginian Army were well hidden and in protected positions to avoid easy determination of just how large their force was while artillery stood ready to light up any incursion that managed to get beyond the drones. To support all other operations and track French movements four Global Hawks would be launched, one focused on the Western Mediterranean while the other three would fly over France to support existing satellite surveillance and make sure any move was detected well in advance.

The true offensive element of this operation for now would go for an angle it seemed the enemy had not anticipated. Launching from air bases in Libya and Algeria the full B-1-R bomber force would go into the air. 20 of these had been loaded with JASSM-ERs while another 10 were loaded with Apaches and the final six had been placed in an air-to-air set up filled with Meteors. Growlers would make sure that the electronic warfare element was covered. As soon as the bomber force was just to the east of the Balearics and to the west of Sardinia the twenty bombers would deploy a total of 480 JASSM-ERs headed for military facilities along the South-Eastern coastline of France. In order(with the first being the most important and the last the least important), air force(and air defences), army, navy and government facilities in this region would be hit by missiles seeking to do as much damage to the French defensive capability as possible. Once these 20 bombers had released their weapons they would turn around and head back to their bases while the remaining 16 and their fighter escort continued. As soon as the ten bombers equipped with Apaches were in range they would release a total of 240 apaches to deal with the runways not hit by the initial strike. One these final missiles were away the aircraft would head back home. Protected by the bombers still in an air-to-air configuration and Slam Eagles that had launched from Sardinia. This however would not be the end of it for the Mediterranean coast. Operating from trucks and rails a total of twenty Jericho 2s armed with 1000kg high explosive warheads were launched from Libya and Algeria. The expected time of impact of these missiles was timed to be a mere few minutes after the bombing run and would hit the larger bases where simply the initial strikes weren’t enough to do plenty of damage.

This first part served to both affect the French ability to project air power into the Mediterranean but also as a distraction for what the true goal of Carthage was today.

By all indications Imperial Intelligence had determined Corsica was poorly defended and without French fleets in the Mediterranean to support it the island was open to attacks from three sides. The priorities of the enemy however was not a concern of Carthage and it was going to take advantage of the situation.
From launchers in Sardinia a total of 500 Tomahawks(Block IV) were fired against military positions throughout Corsica however great focus was placed on hitting the southern half. These missile strikes would primarily be aimed at taking out air defences as well as air bases and hangars to avoid giving the French the capacity to protect the air space or use close air support. What came next would be a combined offensive that would make even the most experienced generals in Carthage proud. In a coordinated effort two F-1 squadrons, and the previously used Slam Eagle squadrons entered Corsican air space to take out whatever aircraft they had managed to put in the air as well as surviving ground-based defences. All of these efforts were again supported by Growlers to keep up sustained jamming and add to the confusion most likely present on the island and back at French command. The final stage of this assault would come in the form of twenty A400Ms dropping a total of 2320 fully armed troops just west of Bonifacio with orders to take the southern part of Corsica. At the same time thirty LCUs departed from Sardinia. On them were a total of 5250 soldiers belonging to the Sea Army and thirty M1A3s. These forces would land at the airport near Ajaccio and move to take the airport and once owning it move on to take the rest of the city to establish another beachhead for Carthage to take Corsica. All ground operations and landings were supported by F-15Is, Predators and Reapers.

Operation: Predator

While the offensive against France went on there was another battle key in winning the war. The British response against quite honestly the pathetic failure that was the enemy naval offensive would most likely leave an effect but Carthage wasn’t confident in relying simply on those to make the enemy realize just how bad they $%&@ed it up. This was of course made easier by the fact that the Carthaginian Navy didn’t have too much to worry about with Tikal. After all SOSUS wasn’t an active detection system and required actually being over one of the lines and due to Carthage already flying CAPs which were obviously supported by AWACS and other detection systems combined with the massive output that was AWACS to effectively be out of range of the ability of Carthage to detect Tikal they needed to be so far out that they couldn’t even hope to detect or track Carthaginian positions. To protect the Carthaginian fleet black communication protocols had started as soon as the ‘exercises’ first began which kept the ships from using longer range communication systems and any communication still maintained would be highly encrypted. Orders from Carthage would also shift to be entirely in code language as well to avoid any sensitive information being intercepted. The ships already had their orders after all and Carthaginian sailors were effective enough to operate without the need of constant communications. For now however the role of the Navy in the counter-offensive would stay limited as they continued operating in dispersed groups to avoid detection of the entire fleet in one single attempt.

Operating from bases in Portugal four Global Hawks had been sent over the ‘exercise’ locations as well as the Central Atlantic in general. Using the information from these feeds as well as British information, Carthage her own satellite and of course radar systems they had been fairly effective in designating the enemy ships and more specifically which were most important for the survival of the enemy offensive. Following the British offensive carriers that still remained afloat would be targeted by 12 ASBMs each launched from silos in Portugal and Galicia. From these same bases ASBMs would be launched at enemy capital ships. Every enemy ship within range of Naval Strike Missiles along the Carthaginian coasts would be assaulted by 20 NSMs each that were launched from ground-based launchers. Meanwhile the Carthaginian fleets would position themselves to prevent support from coming in to support the enemy fleets currently taking a beating while also making sure that attempts to evade British attacks by moving south would receive a whole new surprise if ASBMs didn’t suffice. Of course these ships continued regular tactics to avoid detection and more importantly tracking or the enemy establishing locks, they would also avoid being within radar range of the French. In line with this CAPs remained while satellites and UAVs made sure to find and track any enemy ship that might engage Carthage or breach its security barriers.

Finally the two submarines armed with nuclear weapons were positioned in the right places to bring hell to the enemy in a worst case scenario.

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Operation Nightmare:


The four hundred thousand soldiers assigned to Operation Nightmare by the Hanover Military High Command had crossed into Hesse territory, traveling inside their armoured personnel carriers they had been escorted by close air support assault gunships and backed up by six thousand main battle tanks. Support units such as anti-aircraft vehicles and self propelled artillery would also accompany them. They had all moved across the Hesse territory at marching speed, not slowing or stopping for anything as they knew they had the full support of their Hessian allies. Coming closer to the French border the force had split into three battle groups, named North, Center and South respectively. The North and South battle groups consisted of one hundred thousand soldiers, their transports and supported by their gunships and support units as well as two thousand battle tanks each. Battle group Center held the remaining two hundred thousand soldiers, transports, supporting gunships and support units and the last two thousand tanks. 


As each battle group approached the France-Hesse border it became clear that a much narrower front was going to be called for first and as such all three battle groups grouped up together at Kaiserslautern where headquarters staff set up their command posts, resupply points were established and field hospitals put into place. Those troops not assigned to operations would be kept on a lower level of readiness but still at a level where they could react and move at some speed. Artillery units were put into dug in positions which were scattered about so that they couldn't all be hit in one volley and anti-aircraft defense measures were also put into practice, using both mobile and fixed defenses. Basic ground defensive fortifications were also established in case of an enemy counter attack or counter push.


A few recon units, engineer teams and supporting tanks and infantry were assigned a mission to advance to the area of Rodalben where they fortified themselves inside the buildings there while a few of the recon units advanced down the L482 roadway towards the French border city of Pirmesens. These units were instructed to watch for signs of enemy troop concentrations, defenses and other obstacles to the Hanover advance and if possible to enter the city outskirts with small teams of scouts to help evade detection. If engaged by enemy forces the recon troops would withdraw without engaging while attempting to gauge enemy force numbers, their withdrawal if required would be covered by smoke rounds from supporting heavy mortar batteries inside the town of Rodalben.     


At sea the Hanover navy had been kept close to the Hanover territorial waters for safety but with combat operations now proceeding the entire task force would sail at flank speed for the eastern opening of the English channel. They admiral in charge would inform his British counterparts that the fleet was coming to reinforce them but that it would take some time to arrive. For a safety precaution a sizable close air patrol would be kept airborne at all times and the smaller destroyers would carry out anti-submarine warfare operations to search for enemy submarines. The attack submarines would stay out on the extreme flanks of the fleet ready to turn inwards to ambush any enemy attempting to slip into the task force's perimeter.


In the air prowler electronic counter measure aircraft kept up jamming and electronic warfare operations to provide the ground forces added security and each battle group had at least two squadrons providing a combat air patrol at all times, the squadrons being rotated as their fuel supplies would run low. At no point would the battle groups be left without air cover. Lacking the detection capabilities of their allies the Hanover bomber squadrons maintained a holding pattern near to the French border and would be rotated as needed just like the fighters. This way the bombers would be on hand to provide air support if and when requested by forward observers among the ground troops.


A new team of map planners were also brought in after the last one screwed up so many times that they were relegated to mapping the inside of the headquarters toilets.


OOC: Editing has been made to this post of my troop movements following my blunder in geography and confusion with comparing the CNRP map to the RL map. Permission was gained to make this edit from FHIC before I made them and has been posted to her so she can read them and choose to raise any issues she may have.  

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Unfortunately for the Hessans and Hanover, Imperium agents had been waiting in Alvonia for one of the other German nations to make an aggressive action, the movements of the majority of the Hanover military into Hesse was grounds enough for the Imperium to move forwards with their operation, 20 agents would be moved across the border into Hesse, wearing the military uniforms of Hanover, they'd stay close to the border, and when properly setup, launch an attack against an Alvonian border checkpoint upon the Hesse border, intentionally leaving one alive, whom got a clear look upon the uniforms they wore, and heard them communicating in German.

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The French Empress sat in the palace in Orleans, secure against all but the most ambitious of attack, and read various texts which referred to her in a rather dismal tone of voice. She chuckled at her mention from the Carthaginians, scoffed at the ridiculous assertions of the British, and began to draft a reply.



Good People of the world, France, Britain and Carthage, should your governments allow you to read such words as those spoken by those who they mark as terrorists, hear me now and know that Liberty is yet safe in our hands from those who would seek to snatch it from us and make us slaves to their will. This of course, refers to the governmental body of Britain, who through their interlocking of alliance in Europe have forced our hand into this war after making demands no millimeter short of racketeering when asked for a simple treaty.

For what they describe as a simple request for France to keep her allies from interfering in European business had a clear-cut message to us, "Keep your friends far enough away that they cannot save you should you displease us, and we will promise safety against our allies." Ladies and gentlemen, France, since coming back from their isolation, have received no few threats to her safety from various sources, all of them allies of the British state. That this effort was a calculated and willing effort to isolate France is as obvious as the sun in the sky. When asking to simply bring security back to our people in the former Kingdom of Snow Haven, we were turned away by their alliance, who instead wished to keep it hostage in the hands of Cisalpina, this we could tolerate for a time, since the land has since become a sovereign state again, but the threat to our security could scarce be ignored.

Truly, our enemies view France as a simple puppet to our friends in Asia, but the situation is much more complex than they could imagine. France, in the past, stood by the Japanese Empire when the odds were dearly against them, this is true. Since then we have been two of the largest-volume trade partners in the world, and here, today, Japan has come to us to return the favor paid to them years ago. Our foes cannot comprehend an act that is thus instead of one born of the prospect of personal gain,they imagine that there must be some kind of Japanese hand behind the scenes, for the American Allies to jump so readily to this cause, but in truth it is not so. France called this attack to happen, France made the necessary requests, Japan has simply made them reality.

They speak of my views on Sovereignty, that a nebulous concept such as Nationhood should not be placed above the mutual bond that a people share with each other. They wish to compare me to Hitler and Putin, but France has not made a military action against any for the purpose of gaining her territory back, nor do we mean to at the present time. They fight an uphill battle to paint me as a villain, and in their attempt will stoop so low as to compare me to these fellows, who have done so much wrong to the world, when France has been nothing if not a positive influence, unlike the scourge that they have so far brought upon this earth in their reemergence.

But France, and myself, do not engage in battles of character. The people of Britain have as much a right to be proud of their cultural heritage than we do, and embedded in that heritage is the notion that their nation should be like unto god himself. I do not begrudge them this. Carthage has even stranger beliefs that I will not put to words at the present time, I do not begrudge them that, and take a little time to note that the detainees who remain in France are being treated well, despite Carthage's refusal to return the assets of French citizens, a comparatively simple task. This shows the contempt they have for their own people more than anything else.

I have stood for many things in my reign, but this is thusfar the strongest of my convictions, that no people should be subject to tyranny, exerted by their own nation or by others. My foes, though certainly viewing themselves well intentioned, do not understand this.

We will not yield to their view, nor to their armies. Even should France be turned to dust and made no more, there will always be the French, and as long as there are French, we will no longer suffer ourselves to be humiliated by outside forces.


(War post to follow over the weekend)

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Kazuko likewise, sat within an embedded bunker complex underneath Tokyo Palace, at least one of her anyway. the gaudy speeches required a retort.

"Greetings, people of the world, or at least those in nations still able to hear my words. The British King certainly can orate, even if he fails to speech proper English. Those of you on every other continent, ask yourself, why has your own government joined into agreements that promote equal representation of your specific region, and enforce a certain code of morals and ethics of which all should be allowed?

Now we look to Europe, where the Tripartite of Britain, Romania, and Carthage have strangled the rest of Europe, attempting to enforce submissions of their neighbors.  Is this what Freedoms means, is this what equality means, the few dictating to the many? Alvonia is an excellent example of the goals of the Tripartite, isolation to enforce their neighbors weakness, and then repeatedly attacking them for so much as making a noise the Tripartite dislikes. Britain finds itself under the barrel of a gun due to their attempts to enforce an unequal Europe, one where Romania, Britain, and Carthage, an African state, dictate to the rest of Europe is allowed to do. Britain wishes to stand for Tyranny, and yet claim the moral high ground for their support of the cowardly attack by Romania against Yugoslavia. It is true that I demand the British Foreign Minister, a true diplomat would have immediately apologized, and not merely groped a head of state and then insulted them."

Video playback from the perspective of  Takako showing the "accidental" tripping, and then the groping of a party that was not touched by the liquor.

tripping forward to spill scotch on the French princess's dress.  "Oh dear I'm terrible sorry.  Let me..." he started stumbling in his pocket for a kerchief, accidently groping the Japanese Empress as he moved forward to wipe it.  


"Oh my I'm so clumsy today.  And with three such voluptuously breasted wom... well two, its not your fault genetics and all that dear." he said to the Japanese Empress. 

"Tell me citizens of Great Britain, is this the type of person you want representing your nation? Perhaps casual sexism and molestation is commonplace in other nations, but it is considered a crime in the civilized states. Your leader claims to have wished for an alliance with France, but only so long as France keeps its friends far enough away that they cannot help should Carthage continue to expand upon European soil, Or perhaps the Italians decide to continue to expand upon French lands? France must also  renounce its claims to its original borders, and allows an Italian state to occupy a French city? This does not sound like a diplomatic meeting, this sounds like peace negotiations.

The Imperium and its allies stand for the belief that all people, in all nations, deserve to be treated fairly, without regard to ethnic, cultural, religious, or national boundaries should be granted an Equal voice in their government and that of their surroundings. Through SEATO, NWO, and even the African League, the rest of the world has proven its commitment to ensuring peace and stability in their respective regions. Europe has proven there is no other option but war for the Tripartite, including Romania allegedly threatening their former ally in Hungary-Slovakia for following their treaty with Yugoslavia. Europe stands at a crossroads, fall into the darkness the Tripartite wishes to see Europe, and eventually the rest of the world, a world in which they stand as the dictators to the rest of humanity, or the other path, one in which the nations of the world can stand together with their neighbors.

Romania is the source of this war, and unless Britain and Carthage are going to claim they would stand idly by while the Global Defensive force that France and the Imperium have arranged removed Romania from Yugoslavia, then their claims of being morally just and good are about as truthful as British claims of recognizing national sovereignty. The Imperium's only stake is ensuring a Europe in which all nations are given the respect they deserve, Alvonia has been kept down for almost a decade by the former Eastern Bloc, a bloc which collapsed under the arrogance of Romania, and the Tripartite will collapse under their own arrogance as well. France has stood as the Imperium's ally in our darkest hours, and we will not abandon them in their own time of need, even though the British apparently would sell out their ally if it were politically beneficial.

There is clearly two very different perspectives about the future of our planet, one in which equality reigns, and one in which the Tripartite and their allies reign.  I sit as the head of state for over six hundred million people, of over a dozen ethnicities, dozens of religions, and most importantly, all of these people have elected to join the umbrella of the East Asian Imperium. Unity is what reigns in Asia, Unity reigns in the Americas, and though the Tripartite wishes otherwise, Unity will reign in Europe.

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with the world at war, and sea lanes threatened, East Asia would make an order for 30 of the Typhoon Transports, with payments made in whatever form of goods, metals or currency required. 

$1,500,000,000 for single Typhoon Transport hull in cargo configuration but East Asian Imperium is a nation at war.

We can't in good conscious do such blatant wartime profiteering . .  


$3,500,000 "war surcharge" per item for anyone buying a merchant submarine in times of war.

Thus rising today's price to $5,000,000 per Typhoon Transport.


$150,000,000 million for 30 Typhoon Transports.

Payment in whatever form of goods, metals or currency required?

How about silver.

Silver by itself really isn't enough to justify this.

150,000,000 in silver coinage.

To sweeten the deal make it commemorative.

Something done tastefully and elaborately from the coin mints.

“Worse than traitors in arms are the men who pretend loyalty to the flag, feast and fatten on the misfortunes of the Nation while patriotic blood is crimsoning the plains of the South and their countrymen mouldering the dust.” - Abraham Lincoln


Procinctia Armament was already engaging in blatant war profiteering and maximum exploitation of this war.

Surely near lowliest scum parasitic on Earth  <_<

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Weeks ago from Asia.. over the European theater, as events in this part of the war were happening... (Not Op-recognition. All systems have been used in the roles being described.) This event now has a sound track!
The Sky Warden Space Planes, launched by Druk Yul, opened their cargo bays to reveal 23 MM radar guided autocannons. The kind used during the cold war and the first weapons to be legitimately fired in space. With the strike package on the space planes, target based on relative speeds was relatively simple ballistics. Given there was no record of any defensive capability for the recon satellites they were going to target anywhere, it was going to be a fun time for them.
The Wardens had a simple task.. establish a slightly higher orbit near the enemy satellites and stay stably positioned. The auto-cannons would then lock onto the nearby signature of the satellite and annihilate it. Since the satellites had no local sensory suites and were set for earth recon, they wouldn't even see the attack coming. Britain, Romania, Prussia, and Belarus all would likely have their satellites systematically targeted and annihilated. If the satellite didn't have a published ID, that wasn't a problem. They could be identified by the nation their broadcast and reception antennae were oriented towards. Over the course of 24 hours... the satellite networks of these nations would likely be utterly annihilated at all orbital levels starting at geostationary and working their way in, as they were literally.. defenseless.
The source of the attack? Unknown as they were looking down, not up.
Once the orbits were cleared.. any additional launches from the hostile powers would be intercepted as they came out of the atmosphere.

This even has been confirmed as happening. The Sky Warden is legal.

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Weeks ago before the war in Europe started Vostokslavia secretly developed "nuklear wepuns" and planted them in the world's capitals. Now the time had come and the nuclear weapons detonated and destroyed the world's capitals. Both sides would find themselves facing an enemy so great that they would have no choice but to unite against it.

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In a dusty study in the Cathedral of Cologne a priest walked to a wall covered in books and reached up to the highest shelf. There he pulled out a book with a swirling cover of blue and red. He smiled, though it was a sad smile, one of a dreadful nostalgia, as he grasped the book in two hands and placed it down on the wooden table. Outside the church, he could see the torch lights coming alive. He gazed upon the soldiers marching down the narrow avenues of the city and then turned back to the book. He opened to the first page as a brilliant map of Europe in fine ink seemed to sparkle next to the candle flame. The title of the map read...


Europe at the time of the Franco-German War.


Father Gustav Brecht remembered the war as if had been a memory of yesterday, before the chaos in Germany now, before the Cataclysm, and yet the map seemed so similar. A France moving her fingers outward, blocked by enemies on all sides, and yet assisted by all as well. In that war, England and France had waged against Germany and Russia. Those from the East came as well, Brecht remembered Indians, he vaguely remembered Japanese, perhaps there were others, before the Empress of France fell, killed by the blade of the German Kaiser. She had been a lovely woman, he had been a handsome man. But such was war.


This story had been written by a Frenchman, it was the tale of a Dutch woman, an immigrant to France who picked up the gun and sword and fought for French Empire in the grim chaos of the Rhine and Strasbourg. Brecht thought again and this time, a laugh pushed through his withered lips.


"Just the same."


He opened the book to the furthest pages toward the end, where the ancient paper seemed to beckon to his wet quill. He began to draw lines across the paper. A map of Europe, the counties of Hesse and Hanover, the Empire of France, the Kingdom of Britain, and the realms of Eastern Europe.


"This is the story of my niece," he began, "Jessika."




Hesse came to war as Germany often finds itself at war in Europe, through the ill-discipline of its neighbors and the problems of being a country wedged between the warring powers. As France, Britain, Japan, Carthage, and Japan engaged over a war, presumably started in Cologne itself, the Hessian government sought neutrality, but that could only last for so long. There was the future of Germany to consider and the dealings of government officials between our County and that of the Hanoverians eventually saw the war as a positive movement to rectify wrongs made within the borders of the ancient Holy Roman Empire. Hesse and Hanover were not strong nations alone, but perhaps together, a new future could be written.


The Hanoverians arrived with their armored cavalry, their legions of soldiers, and their northern beer. They were welcomed by the population, as the government had stirred the people into a nationalistic frenzy. To the south were the fascists, branded naturally as Catholics to our austere Calvinist heritage, while to the west were Frenchmen, equally Catholic, equally wrong, and trouble makers. If one would sit down, it could be deciphered that all manner of warring nations, the British, the Japanese, the Romanians, and the North Americans (for whatever reason they had entered the war) could be blamed for these conflicts. For we Hessians, the issue was clear, this war would be fought to reunify the German states through Blood and Iron.


It was this frenzy for adventure that saw my niece join with the Hessian regulars, along with so many of the young people of Cologne. Military commanders, mainly older men who had served in the wars past came to the front and devised their strategies. A vanguard push to the south. There had been rumors circulating among commanders in the south that a strange instance had happened. A few Hessians had been killed, their uniforms taken, and their bodies turned up naked somewhere in the forest. There was little investigation done, but the government used the instance to paint the Alvonians as the attackers and murderers of Hessian men and women. 


The next day the Hanoverians invaded France.


Six hours after that instance, the First Hessian Infantry Regiment, along with armored reinforcements pushed south into the Alvonian Black Forest region. 


The commander, an ancient man named Josef-Wolfgang von Wurmser, led this attack. Their goals, and I understood that one of my niece's friends, a young college student by the name of Bridget, was part of this vanguard force, would secure a bulge within the Alvonian borderlands, heading towards Stuttgart and Ulm. The Hessian soldiers, in several attacks a la echelon would advance, with scouts and the heads of these lines. Reinforcing these lines of attack would be support from the skies in the form of various fighter planes, that would defend the vanguard advance from likely Alvonian resistance. From what we were told on the home front, Wurmser did not anticipate any solid advance and if Hessian troops entered either Stuttgart or Ulm unchallenged, he would be elated and truly alarmed.


Instead he advanced his lines slowly, moving through the forest and scouting the skies, waiting for the clouds to rain bullets and the ground to be soaked in blood. Hesse had joined the wars of Europe, like her ancestors before, and we of Cologne are always prepared for the worst in war. 

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