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Savoy News and Actions

my new new nation

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After being granted permission to exist as the State of Savoy, a military review was made.

542,260 max troop limit

LeClerc Tanks 5,000
VBCI 4,000
AMX-10RC 800
ERC 90 400
VAB 3400
VBL 1500
PVP 1200
Renault Sherpa 3 200
Buffalo 200
Nexter aravis 140
Engin Blindé du Génie 120
GCT 155mm 1600
M270 MLRS 400

Dassault Rafale (Multirole Aircraft): 150 B
Dassault Mirage 2000 (Fighter/Strike/Nuclear strike aircraft): 300, all variants
Boeing B-52H 20
Northrop Grumman B-2 20

La Fayette-class frigate (8+2)x2=20
Mistral-class Amphibious Assault Ship 8
Iowa Battleship 7
Ticonderoga-class Cruiser (7+2) = 9
Aquitaine-class Frigate (7+2)x2 = 18
Horizon-class Destroyer 7x2 = 14
Virginia-class Submarine(SSN) 7
Triomphant-class Submarine(SSBN) 2
d'Espèrey Class Carriers 3
Wasp-class Helicopter Carrier 3
2400 tech = 3400 points
2 Corvettes = 400 points
4 Diesel Sub = 1200 points
2 Frigate = 800 points
2 Cruisers = 1500 points

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With War raging across Europe, borders are being secured, with defensive emplacements being constructed and sentries posted to make sure the war does not spill over into Savoy.



In other news, Jaze Boatman was chosen to be Amiral de France because ships is what this nation is all about. And nobody knows ships like jaze boatman and his silky smooth voice.

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[Classified Message to Savoy]


The Cisalpine Republic is currently undertaking perpetration to enter the current war taking place in Yugoslavia. In order to spare Savoy, from being unwillingly dragged into the conflict, the Cisalpine troops currently based at Les Saisies and Guillestre are temporarily being withdrawn to the Italian side of the Alps.

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The nation of Savoy is finnishing up some new R&D that comes to the world directly from cyberspace. Navel units that can walk on land!


Jaze Boatman (the newly appointed Amiral de France) has ordered the research of destroyer based upon the video game Supreme commander Forged Alliance's cybran tech 2 destroyers. When complete these boats will be able to walk on 6 legs and wander the nation of Savoy to defend its boarders from foreign invaders. Research is flying by at an alarmingly fast rate and they should be completed by the end of next week!



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After many setbacks and such nonsense. ITS HAPPENED! our prototype walking ships have come out of testing and have become the main workhorse of our millitary!


In his own words Jaze Boatman said "damn son, ships that walk? Boats that walk is what this nation RP is all about."


The nation of savoy has no intion of using its new found millitary might to attack anyone or anything. The nation of savoy wishies to remain neutral in this and all future conflicts that do no directly involve itself.

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