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Wandering Through The Novakian Desert


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A sealed envelope would be couriered to the Novakian Embassy in Moscow. Inside was a letter addressed to the Novakian Foreign Ministry:



We have had enjoyed acquaintanceship on the world stage for some time, and I believe that the time has now come to further relations between our nations. As such, we would like to cordially invite you to a diplomatic meeting, to be held in either Moscow or Aden, to discuss such relations and to address any issues of mutual interest. Mikhail Ivanovich Romanov, Tsar and Autocrat of Russia, will personally attend the meeting, along with an Imperial delegation.
With regards,
Vladimir Lavrov, Esq. 
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Russian Empire
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The Republic of Novak, hereafter referred to as Novak, and the Russian Empire, hereafter referred to as Russia, shall agree to the following provisions laid out in this Treaty. Both nations, hereafter referred to as the Contracting Signatories, shall sign this Treaty in the hopes that greater relations would be attained for the greater peace, prosperity, and well-being of the Contracting Signatories.
Article I: Non-Aggression
a). The Contracting Signatories shall not undertake any aggressive or otherwise hostile actions against each other in any form. Such actions is defined, but not limited to, illegal espionage and destabilizing actions.
b). This clause shall not be construed as to restrict or otherwise prohibit healthy debate or productive disagreement.
Article II: Intelligence Sharing
a). The Contracting Signatories shall disclose and share any intelligence and information that pertain to each other.

b). Any intelligence and information disclosed and shared between the Contracting Signatories under clause a). shall not be disclosed or shared with third parties without consent.
Article III: Mutual Defense
a). The Contracting Signatories shall agree to defend each other from attacks by a hostile third power. If a Contracting Signatory is waging a defensive war, the other Contracting Signatory shall provide military, intelligence, economic, and civilian aid to the threatened nation.
b). A declaration of war in response to an earlier declaration of war by a Contracting Signatory, referred to as 'treaty-chaining', shall make such aid optional.
Article IV: Emergency Assistance
In the events of natural disasters and similar circumstances in peacetime that adversely affects one or both Contracting Signatories, the Contracting Signatories shall agree to speedily provide emergency aid and provisions to the other.
Article V: Trade
a). The Contracting Signatories shall undertake appropriate steps, actions, and policies to encourage and facilitate increased trade with each other.
b). Such steps, actions, and policies include, but are not limited to, the reduction or elimination, whenever applicable, of tariffs and other protective barriers, with exceptions for certain industries as determined by the Contracting Signatories.
Article VI: Cancellation
Should the Contracting Signatories wish to withdraw from the obligations of this Treaty, a notice shall be given at least thirty days in advance.


Signed for Novak,
Admiral Aviv Kochavi

Signed for Russia,
Tsar Mikhail Ivanovich Romanov

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