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An Announcement from MI6

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The Admiral was sitting in his cabin aboard the USS Santiago, named after the capital of the nation, waiting for word on the mission. The Master Chief Petty Officer came in to the room, knocking to let the Admiral know he was there. “Sir, we've captured them.”
“Excellent news Master Chief.”

The technicians were setting up the broadcast and the podium. The podium stood in front of the flags of the services, Army Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, Marine Intelligence and Air Force Intelligence. The flag of MI6 was draped in the center, in between the service flags. On the podium was a new symbol of blue and red, replacing the old, lifeless symbol of blue and white.

The Admiral walked up to the podium and the camera turned on. The broadcast would be sent to all the members of MI6 as well as the world. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

“Comrades in MI6 and people around the world,

The reign of Chimaera and Stagger Lee has come to an end. We have captured the rogue leaders who sought to extend their rule through emergency powers. Their power-hungry ways, their thirst for power, are not what we are about. We sought to change the world, not feed the egos of megalomaniacs. This is why, my comrades, we had to take over.

From this point forward, I, Admiral Voodoo Nova, will lead MI6 as M. I am not alone in this venture. My fellow leaders, who wholeheartedly supported this coup against Chimaera and Stagger Lee, will work with me as we bring MI6 into a new era.

Admiral James Maximus will serve as M alongside me. Rear Admiral Killjoy will lead our foreign affairs as 001. Rear Admiral Gibsonator will lead our military as 002. Rear Admiral Kahlan Rahl will lead our internal affairs ministry as 003. Rear Admiral MvBomber will lead our economic ministry as 004.

As we move forward, we will enter a new era of prosperity. As Admiral, and as M, I will work tirelessly for this alliance and for my fellow allies. We will stop at nothing to succeed.

Long Live MI6.”

The broadcast would cut a few seconds after the speech ended, displaying the flag of MI6 in its place.





New Government featuring


Voodoo as M

James as M

Kill as 001

Gibsonator as 002

Kahlan Rahl as 003

MvBomber as 004


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Kaskus will destroy you all!!!




Clearly we already won, they defacto overthrew their entire government.. and they said the incite government propaganda op was useless when it was first introduced.  


This is almost like when we single-handily caused PB to disband.  :smug:



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