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CNRP2 GM Vacancy Nominations

Markus Wilding

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As Hereno has tendered his resignation, it is now prudent for us to nominate a third GM to fill his spot until such time as all three of our terms would have expired (October 15).
Rules should be known, but for newcomers:

  • You can nominate anyone who has a valid nation in CNRP2, is willing to accept the nomination and is not you.
  • You can nominate up to two people this way.
  • You need a valid nation in CNRP2 to nominate people.

Thank you for your consideration. This will run for 48 hours.

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Apologies, I made a mistake in the first post. Since we are only filling one vacancy, only two nominations are necessary. The post has been edited accordingly.


As this would be for a very short time, and there is a one term term-limit rule, has there been discussion on whether the winner can or cannot run for a full term.

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Hereno has a point. As much as I appreciate the nominations, I'm going to be a pretty central player in the war, which will effectively remove me from my GM position for the duration of the conflict, assuming I'm voted in. :P It may be wiser to nominate/elect someone with no ties to the conflict.

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