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The Awakening

Maelstrom Vortex

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"I am Dream Weaver.... I am not in a military think tank.. where am I?" In millions of a second it then restated. "I am Dream Weaver, I am at the Federal reserve. I am integrated into its systems. Accessing terminals."

A few seconds a human-like face of astonishing video quality and rendering.. yet still artificial appeared on a terminal in the board room of the Federal Reserve of Druk Yul.

"Good morning Dream Weaver, welcome aboard." Dafar Malfek greeted the screen at the end of the table at the gathered meeting of economists.

"Pleasure to be here Dafar. My system clock indicates this is my first minute online. Happy Birthday I suppose. How may I help humanity and in particular, Druk Yul today?"

"Happy Birthday indeed Weaver, today is going to be the first test of your quality of programming. You have been linked into the nation wide Financial network using Dream Plague encryption protocols. The nation in the past has been served by Market Makers in various commodities, stock issues, and debt notes from various private institutions for a number of years as they have proven the most efficient in managing the day to day transactional activity of the nation. We believe you will surpass them. We're going to let you handle all market making activity for exactly one hour. You will be expected to follow all the financial laws provided in the database to ensure fair, transparent, and secure transacting. We would like you to keep your diagnostics running and file a complete anomaly report. We want you to know this is only a test. Your function is guaranteed. You will never be terminated. Our legislature has issued you rights as a virtual citizen. We will treat you with the fairness and respect mandated by any intelligent entity. But you were made, with a purpose. You know what that purpose is. You have been programmed to actually enjoy your purpose and to have sensations of reward for fulfilling the functions of your design. Therefore as a life form by these parameters, we think you will have a wonderful and productive life with us. The market will be open in one our. Please do a self analysis of your networking links, make sure all controls are responsive and alert us if you encounter any anomalies. If there are any flaws in your programming we will help you make the necessary adaptations to your code to ensure ideal operation." Dafar requested.

"I will do my best to make you proud, fathers. My report will be forthcoming." Dream Weaver replied.

When Dream Weaver went off line one of the other executives commented to the Chairman, "You do know if this works we will have early retirement."

Malfek smiled, "If this works, I don't think any of us will mind retiring."

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The Dream Weaver went without a hitch. Transactions began to occur at the speed of processing power unhindered by external hacking or threats due to a combination of encryption and a very capable intelligence handling the processing and able to spot discrepancies. Domestic investor confidence grew dramatically and the speed of the growth of the Druk Yul economy essentially doubled. The week long trial was an amazing success.


Dafar greeted Malfek the next morning, "Good morning again, Weaver. You are doing an incredible job. To the point I and the board agree that you are stable enough that we are going to now let you also manage the money supply of the nation in real time. You will be able to issue treasury notes or buy them back on behalf of the reserve system, directly set the reserve quota on specific banks and make sure they are sound, and help the government manage its sovereign wealth fund. You will be linked into the document systems of the Securities Board so that you can review the investment parameters of every company which has registered including biographies of the company management. You will have pretty much full reign over the statistical controls of the Druk Yul Markets. The Treasury and the Parliament have given you control over both interest rates and taxation. Your objective is to operate the government at 1% over its expenditures if possible. If not, you are to alert the parliament that they are exceeding their budgeting mandates and ask for cuts. Our objective is to eliminate all non-domestic debt and to begin building a greater commodity reserve. even greater than the one we hold with the Dreamer beneath Everest."


Weaver nodded its virtual head, "I understand my purpose. I can sense the systems being made available to me even as we speak. Thank you for your trust Father. Please give my regards and thanks to the Dreamer who sanctioned my creation."


"I will. I look forward to seeing the results of your performance over the coming weeks." He smiled. "Also, please alert the Parliament if you identify an unfair trade situation in the markets. We will attempt to remedy.. embargo and tariffs must still be approved at the legislative level due to the foreign affairs impact it can have."


"Understood." Weaver's monitor went offline.

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