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Eastern Bloc's Last Conference


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*The Hungarian government would send out official invites to Romania and Belarus to attend one final Bloc conference, at Buda Castle in Budapest, to discuss the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc and the signing of Non-Chaining Mutual Defense Pacts  between the former members of the Eastern Bloc.*



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*Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bertalan Galdi, would greet Ion and Vladimir by the castle doors, shaking their hands and thanking them for coming.


He would then show them both to the conference room, offer them coffee, tea, or chilled water if they wished, and once they were comfortably seated, he would begin to explain.*


"First of all, Hungary-Slovakia wishes to thank both Belarus and Romania for being staunch allies and coming to our defense on numerous occassions.   Hungary-Slovakia very much wishes to maintain it's friendship and alliance with both Belarus and Romania.  However, as you may have heard, Hungary-Slovakia's populace has grown increasingly war-weary, and has begun to equate Hungary-Slovakia's Eastern Bloc membership with our nation being caught up into too many wars and hostilities.  To stay in the Eastern Bloc would only invite further unrest amongst our populace.


To rectify this situation, Hungary-Slovakia has decided to amicably cancel it's membership in the Bloc.


However, as I stated earlier, we would very much be interested in maintaining friendly ties with Romania, and especially with Belarus, and therefore our government proposes the signing of what is known as Non-Chaining Mutual Defense Pacts with both Romania and Belarus.


Such Pacts would contain a clause something along these lines: In the event either party declares war, either aggressively or by activation of a clause from another treaty, the mandatory defense is then considered as optional defense.


Does something like this sound agreeable to Romania and Belarus?  Are there any questions, concerns, or suggestions?"

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*Minister Galdi would thank Andriechenko and give him another firm handshake, and then would sign for Hungary on both Non-chaining MDPs.

He would then reassure Andriechenko that other than the Bloc being dissolved, nothing would change in Hungary and Belarus' status as staunch friends and staunch allies, nor would anything change trade or economically between the two nations, and that Hungary-Slovakia is pleased to announce that both the Subcarpathia-Lublin rail connection and the Hungary-Belarus rail connection have reached 50 percent completion and is on schedule to be completed in just another 3 months.*

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