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Goldie's Gullible Gamble


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Loyal subjects and friends of my glorious king godship, I have come across disturbing evidence of subterfuge espionage western capitalism has tried to bring upon KOREAN WORLD ORDER. Here presented below:

[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> I got that screenie for you
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <goldie[ve]> Cheesy
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> about KOREA WORLD OWNER increasing warchest
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> BUT
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> here's the deal
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <goldie[ve]> ?
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> KOREA WORLD OWNER has unimaginable brain power
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> he already knows we took the screenshot
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> we don't know how
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> so if that screen shot leaks, we lose our lives
[17:28]<goldie[ve]> <goldie[ve]> ok
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> okay
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> just so you know
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <goldie[ve]> It will remain in VE
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> http://i730.photobucket.warchestleak.jpg
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> http://i730.photobucket.warchest2leak.jpg
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> guard that with your life
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <goldie[ve]> I will
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <goldie[ve]> promise
[17:28] <goldie[ve]> <UnnamedKimSpy> bbl

How will world respond to GOLDIE[VE] transgression against their god? Will they get to GOLDIE[VE] before wrath of Kim exerts fullest extent? Will GOLDIE[VE] ever retain honor lost from incident?


World may ever know.

Dictated on the 4th day,
Kim Jong Illest
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