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Imperial Pacific Decree


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My glorious humble subjects, as your gracious leader has succeeded in aligning all of Pacific to his valued king godship, it was necessary to begin announcement with title like above.







Today proudly I announce KOREAN WORLD OWNER glorious victory over evil and decadence of king god pretenders in Kaskus.  I was informed last night Kaskus enter war against GOONS and MI6.  




Like leaping tiger, sleeping monkey prevail in Korea top film, Kim Jong Illest prevail over pretender no chance of victory.  Always!




Kaskus should heeded warning from KOREAN WORLD OWNER about expert predictions from top Korea military analysts, many analysts tell us this such as RYANGDI, ROTAVELE, YUNGBLOOD, and MOO-COWS, all very known military genius:


Our initial assessment is that they will all die.



Minutes earlier, Kim Jong Illest approves of correct assessment.  In this photo, he practices raining money on all the !@#$%*es.




It is clear to all with just judgement and sound decisions that king god well on way to converting world to greatness of worship of him.



Dictated on the second day,

Kim Jong Illest

Edited by Kim Jong lllest
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It lost it's entertainment after the first topic created....now it's quite annoying and pitiful.  Seriously quit posting Kim Jong...we already have enough horrible posters on here, you're way too late for that party

There's always room for more Buckaroos.
This is where the lower tier gets its best entertainment.
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