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Gravedig in Fantasy RP - what to do/don't?


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Well over a month ago I created a thread in the Fantasy RP forum, with the intent of role-playing some "small" stuff within my nation, with little to no interaction with other people. It's not part of any other "established" RP. RL and other things got in the way of the initial plan, thus I left that thread unattended for a while, but I would like to continue the story from the point I left it at.


The problem is: the thread has been "abandoned" about 7 weeks ago and it's now on page 10. As far as I understand Moderation rules, that thread shouldn't be revived anymore, and I can certainly open a new one and link the old one, but I can't guarantee that further delays will again stop the story from going on (it has a low priority ATM). I would like to avoid creating a number of one/few-posts threads that all get abandoned, as that doesn't really seem a good way of using the Fantasy RP forum either.

Reviving the thread would on the other hand seem to cause little harm, as that forum is very lively and my thread will likely be pushed back several pages in no time, anyway.


I am quite new (and terrible) at RP and I am uncertain of what can/can't annoy other RPers, not to mention what is legitimate/forbidden... what should/could I do?

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