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Declaration of War

Unknown Smurf

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On Aug 28th GOONS hit methrage (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/123830-notification-of-intent-to-post-recognition-of-strong-emotions/ ) because they wanted to and didn't think he was protected. They do in fact have a protectorate by us and are allied to our other protectorate TIR (oDoAP). Once GOONS was told this, they agreed to back off. Which I honestly appreciate. There was no reason for the two of us to slug it out over something so trivial. We've all seen how that book ends. (For those who have a contorted sense of reality we did pay reps to GOONS the last time around).


...  :v: 


Anyways, Methrage did not want them to peace out without getting countered and GOONS felt their members would enjoy a little war so both sides agreed to open warfare until Sept 5th. At which point it was agreed all wars would be peaced out. On Sept 5th, 20 seconds into update, JerkDotWad of GOONS tried to nuke and send peace (to get one last round of attacks in despite above agreement). Limitless Nexus decided to counter that with 3 nukes.


After some diplomacy on my part again, things settled down ..again.


This lasted until Sept 11th. On the 11th Valratha of Limitless Nexus raided metatron, a nation on the GOONS pending AA for 40+ days at the point of declaration on the GOONS pending AA for 40+ days at the point of declaration and who was banned from GOONS forums (not masked). This would make him a valid raid target. This was confirmed by Aesculus (GOONS govt) before the person was attacked.. but as confirmed in the logs below we may have not gone through the exact right channels for that.


...  :v:


Soon after a GOONS member however counter declared on Valratha. After some diplomacy, LN decided to kick Valratha off of the AA since he did not get his raid approved by Stonewall or Methrage as per their alliance guidelines. And because we're nice like that.


...  :v:


While this was going on (from 9/11 to 9/14) multiple members of LN were being spied, and they concluded that it must be GOONS based on the timing of some [in-game] messages from GOONS members and the spy attacks. On the 15th, a one month old nation of LN was frustrated and decided to buy a spy and spy on GOONS (not understanding game mechanics about 1 spy not being enough). 


Instead of handling this diplomatically, as Kaskus did for GOONS mistake when they hit our protectorate, GOONS decided to ignore my attempts to contact them and tell us that the LN nation should just take the 1 round of war as punishment for his spy attack. We felt that it was not GOONS' place to decide what LNs punishment for a nation that was not their member, even if the offense was against them.


But still we let it go.


On Sept 17th, GOONS declared war on Methrage, Cusj820, Panther Strike and Galactic of Limited Nexus in what we believed to be an unprovoked attack. 




IN response to hostile actions against Kaskus. Kaskus hereby recognizes a state of war with 

...to be continued


Huh? What? Obviously it's GOONS!~!!~!


Well say what you want about GOONS, they are not stupid.

... :v: 


(sorry  :awesome: )


Seriously though they aren't stupid when it comes to [Bob] Politics. They wouldn't go into this war without the backing of their allies. This was too good to be true. There was no way GOONS was giving me a shot at them some sort of backing. I mean we all know Umbrella loves to air drop dongs all over GOONS but still... would they blatantly provoke us into a war like this? It must be some sort of trap but even still they know there are better places for them to point their guns than us I would think. There is nothing to gain by rolling us again, and a whole lot to lose.


I dig a little further...


KenM: we were told you kaskus knew we going in and would stay out of it
UnknownSmurf: Also how do you see this ending?
UnknownSmurf: ...
UnknownSmurf: By whom?
KenM: i already said
UnknownSmurf: Thats !@#$%^&*. I had no idea this was happening.
KenM: regardless thats what i made te decision on
KenM: that you guys knew we were going to go all out and would stay out of it to keep this thing from blowing up
By whom indeed. Which alliance is egotistical enough to believe they can set up a war between Kaskus and GOONS and it not come back to them? 

KenM: we were under the impression MI6 had handled that aspect
UnknownSmurf: ..when? I haven't spoken to MI6 about this at all.
KenM: not what i was told by MI6
Honestly GOONS deserves better. GOONS are good allies. Even when they knew MI6 set them out, they didn't sell out MI6. 
ComradeMilton: no worries. we're not going to name names, i'm afraid.
Unfortunate. I guess we don't know who in MI6 is the mastermind. Well hmm I guess that leaves me no choice.
"But we have no idea what you're talking about" - MI6
*shows logs* - Kaskus
"Oh wait, GOONS probably just misunderstood us." - MI6
Side note: 
Today this happened: 
I understand we did not close that front and GOONS could take advantage of the fact that Kaskus is currently engaged elsewhere but yesterday I had a very nice conversation with Sardonic and I would like to believe that GOONS will stick to their word and white peace LN soon.
You can call me naive if you want. 
I understand GOONS has a treaty with MI6 and if they want a war with us, they are more than welcome to declare on us because we declared on their allies. Picking on LN -- a small alliance that is hurting no one -- is pointless. Methrage has been quiet for some time now, you're really just picking on new players for what some old inactive person did a long long time ago. It's like declaring on NoR now for what allegedly* (?) happened a long long time ago. 
Relevant Logs:
* = I was not active during that time period so I have no idea the details. Just I know they were attacked for something controversial a long time ago. 
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