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Betting on Real World Events

Ronnie Coleman

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Since football started a few weeks ago I thought about betting on the teams that would win.


So my question is, can I bet CN Money on the outcome of football games between me and another nation.


For instance, 


The game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks

Nation A bets 6mil (in-game money) that the Broncos will win the game.

Nation B bets 6mil (in-game money) that the Seahawks will win the game.

We all know the Seahawks won the game so Nation A owes Nation B 6mil.


To summarize, can I use CN money to bet on real life events?



Also for the Superbowl, to up the stakes for the big game, could I bet on a nuclear attack?


For example,


The nation that picked the losing team in the Superbowl would get nuked once by the nation that picked the winning team. 

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