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A hand-written message was sent via the Jamahiriya's most secure and experienced courtier to be hand-delivered to the Kralj of Yugoslavia himself in Beograd. It read;

Salaam, friend. I hope this message receives you well. On behalf of the Afro-Arab Jamahiriya of Egypt, I, Supreme General Umar Abdullah bin Zaid, invite you to my private residence in Alexandria to engage in diplomatic talks. Alternatively, I have never been to Yugoslavia before, and I would love to visit the united lands of the south Slavs. Regardless of your choice, I feel it is necessary for us to open formal relations and work together towards greater Mediterranean stability. As the guiding hands of separate peoples with the goal of betterment for all, it makes sense that we should stand back-to-back and thereby see all threats to our continued existence and meet them head-on.

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