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Limitless Nexus Declaration of We In This Brah!!!

I joined Limitless Nexus 93 days ago and Methrage and I have been through more  in the past three months than most CN players experience in a lifetime... Through it all we learned a lot and never wavered in our resolve to fight for our very right to exist as an alliance... We owe a special thanks to UnknownSmurf, Sigrun[CA], The Imperial Remnant  and our many allies and friends in many AAs who stood by us through it all with unwavering support and guidance against our many haters who mocked our very existance.

Today I would like to announce we have far surpassed our first goal and now sit at 22 members and 122,834 Strength... Our nations are all actively growing and selling tech like crazy and are all in complete trade circles and the future of our alliance is great thanks to our many friends and expecially our Protector Kaskus, who without their help we would be no more...Thank You and we only hope we continue to be worthy and look forward to fighting alongside the Kaskus Sphere whenever we are called to arms...

o/ Limitless Nexus o/ Kaskus Sphere o/ Confederatio Aesir



stonewall14 of Dixie Cove

Limitless Guerrilla Warlord


Methrage of Libertarian Empire

Sovereign of Limitless Nexus

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Thanks and we do the standard 6 million for 100 tech...o/


PS obviously I put a z in title by accident as z is my talk key in teamspeak3... :o

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Aww congrats, lovelies! Wish I could send you guys cuppycakes and moonshine

Thanks. I was checking out a recipe for watermelon moonshine on FB last week that looked tempting... :awesome:

@Master Hakai that's me brah... :ehm:

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I thought this was going to be a declaration of war but I see now that you and GOONS are still engaging. Keep haivng fun amigos.

I thought it was over on the 5th, until I was suddenly triple declared on (Along with many others in LN getting declared on), while I was out drinking with friends and not paying attention to them. However when invaded by sadists who fight for oppression, we'll fight even against the huge odds. We fight for freedom.

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