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Politika AD Beograd - News of Yugoslavia


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Official Listing of the Socialist Kingdom of Yugoslavia's Media Assets:

Umbrella Media Corporation:
Politika a.d. Beograd (100% State-Owned Shares)
Radio Broadcasting Network:
Jugoslovenski Radio-Servis (Yugoslav Radio-Service)

- Radio Broadcasting Stations:
RS Beograd (Serbia-based)
RS Tirana (Albania-based)
RS Sarajevo (Bosnia-based)
RS Zagreb (Croatia-based)
RS Skopje (Macedonia-based)
RS Podgorica (Montenegro-based)
RS Ljubljana (Slovenia-based)
Newspaper Reporting Network:
Jugoslavenska Novinska Agencija (Yugoslav News Agency)
- Newspapers:
Glas Naroda (Serbia-based)
Zëri i Popullit (Albania-based)
Glas Naroda (Bosnia-based)
Glas Naroda (Croatia-based)
Glasot na Narodot (Macedonia-based)
Glas Naroda (Montenegro-based)
Glas ljudstva (Slovenia-based)

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The Kingdom of Yugoslavia expands its media assets and to begin decade-long kingdom-wide Telephonification project!
Issue 1.Y March 18, 19XX

For the past four days, intense discussion have occurred between the Kralj and his closest advisers, finally bearing fruit as they announced their purchase of the parent company of this illustrious newspaper, renaming it 'Politika AD Beograd', their purchase of Radio Beograd alongside their intent of establishing two companies under the Politika AD Beograd media conglomerate. One company would be the 'Jugoslovenski Radio-Servis', of which Radio Beograd would be the main Serbian region branch with other branches being established in the rest of the Kingdom's regions and would be in the local dialect. The other company would be the 'Jugoslavenska Novinska Agencija', of which this newspaper would be under under the new name of 'Glas Naroda' for the Serbian region, each region would have their own branch and in the local language.

This move would be to ease the transfer of information and maintain the rich history that the South Slavic and Albanian peoples have with one another, the culture and language being the main ones to be preserved as the Kingdom moves in conjunction. To further ease communications between the branches, each main building the branch would be headquartered in would have an established phone line with a telephone room for breaking news that needed to be spread to the public.

Alongside the purchase and creation of media assets, the Kralj also announced his intent of a decade-long project of immediately expanding the fledgling Yugoslav telecommunications network to make sure that every Yugoslavian household and business would have an established phone line. Ensuring that his citizens would have the highest level of communication each other available.

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The Kralj renovating the financial system! Announces new coinage and bills for the renewed Kingdom!
Issue 1.Y March 20, 19XX

The Kralj has announced the complete renovation of the Kingdom's financial system, alongside new coinage and bills that will be produced to go with the revamped system. To ease the burden on small business owners and new businesses, the Kingdom has reworked the laws entirely surrounding small and new small businesses in an effort to make the law easier to be understood and ensure that small business owners and new owners have all the opportunities and assistance that they require to be successful within the Kingdom.
The new coinage and bill description and specifications of their creation goes as follows:
Coinage Specifications and Description:
Value - Diameter - Thickness - Mass - Composition - Edge - Observe - Reverse - Common Reference
1 Para - 19.00 mm - 1.50 mm - 2.5g - Copper 95%/zinc 5% - Plain - Unknown Archon - Yugoslav Shield - Para
5 Para - 21.00 mm - 2.00 mm - 5.0g - Copper 75%/nickel 25% - Plain - Prince Vlastimir - Royal Compound - Para
10 Para - 17.00 mm - 1.30 mm - 2.25g - Copper 90%/nickel 10% - 119 reeds - Prince Časlav - Picea omorika - Para
25 Para - 25.00 mm - 1.75 mm - 5.75g - Copper 90%/nickel 10% - 120 reeds - Emperor Dusan the Mighty - Double-headed Eagle - Para
50 Para - 26.00 mm - 2.15 mm - 8.10g - Copper 90%/nickel 10% - 150 reeds - Kralj Stephen Uros II Milutin - Seal of the Kralj of Yugoslavia - Para
1 Dinar - 27.50 mm - 2.30 mm - 8.10g - Copper 77%/zinc 12%/manganese 7%/nickel 4% - Plain - Kralj Dragojev Belojevic - Seal of of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia - Dinar

Bill Specifications and Description:
Value - Main Colour - Observe - Reverse
1 Dinar - Tan - Kralj Dragojev Belojevic - Seal of of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia + Indication of Value
5 Dinar - Dark Blue - Group of South Slavs holding hands together - Harvest + Indication of Value
10 Dinar - Ochre-Yellow - Vuk Stefanović Karadžić - Vignette of the letters Vuk introduced + Indication of Value
20 Dinar - Green - Petar II Petrović-Njegoš - His figure on the back + Indication of Value
50 Dinar - Violet - Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac - Figure of Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac, a motif of Miroslav Gospels illumination scores + Indication of Value
100 Dinar - Blue - Nikola Tesla - A detail from the Tesla electro-magnetic induction engine + Indication of Value
500 Dinar - Amber - Nadežda Petrović - Silhouette of the Gračanica Monastery + Indication of Value
1,000 Dinar - Green/Yellow - Jovan Cvijić - Stylized ethnic motifs + Indication of Value
5,000 Dinar - Red - Đorđe Vajfert - An outline of Weifert's beer brewery + Indication of Value
10,000 Dinar - Grey - Milutin Milanković - A stylised Sun disk drawing fragment and an illustration of Milanković's work) + Indication of Value
50,000 Dinar - Yellow - Slobodan Jovanović - Silhouette of the National Assembly + Indication of Value
100,000 Dinar - Purple - Josip Broz Tito - Jajce + Indication of Value

Edited by Rudolph
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