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Holy Roman Empire

General Daniel

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The Holy Roman Empire is looking for active nations to fill her ranks.


We are a battle tested alliance that offers protection, tech deals, and solid trade circles.


We are protected by the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism.


We allow raiding of non allied nations, although our offical stance on raiding is neutral.


We have a loose, easy going government that allows each Prince of the HRE to rule his nation basically as he sees fit.


Although Princes are prohibited from doing tech deals with anyone other than the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism they offer an incredible ASN program that allows our nations to get on the fast track to riches.


To become a Prince change your team color to black, and set your alliance affiliation to "Holy Roman Empire". We also have government positions open for those who are interested.

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Updates as of 2/13/2018:


The Holy Roman Empire is once again looking for member nations who share our vision of a Golden Age on Planet Bob to join the Imperial College. Our treaty with the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism is obsolete and we are now treaty partners with the honorable Alpha Wolves. We offer member nations loyalty, a voice, tech deals, trade circles, protection and friendship.


Nations who wish to enter the Imperial College need only agree to our simple charter listed below:


“Article I - Upon entering the Imperial ranks, and being added to the Imperial Scrolls of Honor each member nation will agree to adhere to the simple laws of this charter. This charter will not be burdensome, and will allow each member nation to run their nation as they see fit under the structure and protection of the Empire. Each member will respect this structure and agrees to respect it for the good of all the nations which make up the alliance.

Article II - Only the Imperator Augustus can declare an alliance wide war. Raiding is limited only to nations who are not affiliated with any alliance. Raids must be approved by the Imperator Augustus, or the Minister of Defense.

Article III - all nations must engage in alliance tech deals and trade circles. This is for the good of all Imperial Nations. All nations must be on Black, and vote for Imperial friendly senators. If the alliance doesn’t have sellers or buyers treaty partners are next in line.

Article IV - The government structure of the Empire is as follows:

Imperator Augustus - Supreme Monarch of the Imperial forces.

Mayor of the Palace - Assistant to the Imperator.

Minister of War - General of the Imperial War Machine

Minister of Finance - Handles the creation of trade circles, and sets up tech deals.

Prince - Nation who has been part of the Imperial College for at least sixty days, And Is engaged in a full trade circle, and tech deals.

Diplomat - Voice of the Imperator to other alliances. Requirements: Nation must have obtained Prince status.

Knight - New Member.


We look forward to working with you.


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