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Italian-Egyptian Relations


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The Count arrived briefly after the Italian troops withdrew from the border.

[Public with Egypt]
Count Ciano entered Cairo a confident man. He felt this meeting could end in an immense improvement in Italian-Egyptian relations. He arrived at the embassy early in the morning, coffee in hand.

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When the Italian diplomat arrived at the embassy that morning, he would find four cold stares waiting outside for him.

"The Supreme General wishes to speak with you. He is inside, waiting."

They parted to reveal the doorway to the embassy, and silently waited for the Italian to enter the building.

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Umar shot a glance to his right, before laying his eyes on the Italian.

"The shaking of hands, as I'm sure you know, goes back centuries, and is used to show one another that the hands are free of weapons. And yet, when I hear of Italian invasions of Djibouti on my borders, and see more Italian expansions ready to happen in Tunisia, I can only wonder what weapons you have concealed that would cause your government to act so carelessly. Without warning, without yet having returned my request for high-level talks, you partake in another invasion? I am very, very eager to hear how it is you walk into this meeting with such confidence when the actions of your state have all but assured that our talks can go nowhere."

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The Count shook his head. "My friend, you have it all wrong. We have no plans for the invasion of Tunisia. We simply seek to negotiate a settlement with the French that would not end with troops of theirs mere miles away from our headquarters in Tripoli. As for the incident that occurred earlier on the Tunisian-Italian border, an inept commander simply practiced military maneuvers without checking his map or contacting his superiors. I can assure you, he has been reprimanded.


Now, Djibouti. Italy has long had territorial ambitions in East Africa. Despite this, in anticipation of your friendship, we have removed all claims to the portions of Eritrea under control of your forces, along with pulling back our troops from the Tripoli-Cyrenica border. However, as we are a Mediterranean nation, the Red Sea is a vital area for the survival of our nation. As such, we must take precautionary measures to assure a foreign nation is not able to cripple our sea trade with distant nations. The straight at Gibraltar is too far from any established Italian colony to be properly defended. We need a strong naval base for our ships to dock in, in order to guard the mouth of the Sea. You see why it is essential that we seize this colony?


We have no plans for war with any established power; however, if the time comes that our country is plunged into conflict, we must not be unprepared.


We are not violating the sovereignty of any internationally recognized nation. The tribes of Djibouti are unclaimed and uncivilized. They are disorganized and would fair far better under Italian rule. Furthermore, in no way does our expansion here contest with any of your claims, nor does it restrict any further expansion of your own nation.We, meanwhile, have no further plans for expansion in East Africa, we commit this action for the safety of our economic interests. We would certainly have no reservations in allowing your nation to station soldiers and troops in the colony. We simply need a secure Empire. I hope you will understand."

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"You expanded in our sphere of interest without our permission; without so much as a notification."

Umar wrinkled his brow.

"I understand the need for proactive defense. However, you are treating Egypt as though we are your enemies. In doing so, you will force us to become enemies if you continue this way. And you border us first in Libya, and now in the Red Sea: having an enemy on two fronts is something I simply cannot allow."

Umar raised his hand, silently instructing the Italian to have a seat.

He continued; "the eras of crusading and colonialism are over, and I hope your superiors understand that back in Rome. My proposal is this: you will leave eastern Africa entirely, and in exchange, we will guarantee your trade through the Red Sea.

Alternatively, you will sign an NAP with us, and we will allow you to keep your claims in Djibouti and extend them to all of Eritrea. The Italian military presence in Eritrea would then be limited to 50,000 soldiers or equivalent other defenses, and all military movements within 5 km of our border in either direction would require by mandate a notification at least 24 hours prior. That includes our protectorate in Ethiopia and Sudan as well.

Both options are conditional on accepting as such for the Libyan border; and we will agree to do the same in tandem and good faith."

He looked up, and calmly smiled.

"So, what are your thoughts, then?"

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Count Ciano stared at the Supreme General in shock. "My superiors in Rome? I come all this way to your capital for talks of peace and friendship, and you insult me by having not learned of who I am or what my title is?


I am THE acting Head of State of the Italian Social Republic. I report to no one but myself; I am only subordinate to the dying Duce, who can barely smile for the cameras, let alone make decisions on foreign policy. Furthermore, I am and have been in charge of the foreign relations for the Italian republic since 1936! And you treat mere like a mere diplomat, sent here to plead and beg for your approval of our colonization of some backwater African territory?" The Count left his seat and paced around the room,


"Italy has no wish for further expansionism, nor wishes for war. However, if you continue to disrespect our nation and treat us as raving lunatics and warmongerers, we may be forced to live up such titles!" The Count collapsed into his seat, taking a deep breath. He looked at the Egyptian sovereign, appearing calm and collected.


"I'm sure your confusion of my identity was a mistake, and not a sign of disrespect. We will sign the NAP. We will restrict our troop numbers in the Red Sea regions. We will agree to refrain from any further colonization of your Sphere. I only hope our two nations will cooperate in our mutual security."

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Italian-Egyptian Gentleman's Agreement

Article I: Non Aggression: Neither signatory will declare war, fund rebels, or otherwise through force-of-arms attempt to dislodge one another from their respective holdings.
Article II: Eastern Africa: Eritrea and Djibouti will be considered the domain of Italy, whereas Ethiopia and Sudan will be considered the domain of Egypt.
Article III: Military: Italy will be limited to 50,000 soldiers or the equivalence in armor in its eastern African provinces. Both Egypt and Italy will report any movements within 5 km of any border between Egyptian/Egyptian protectorate lands and Italian/Italian protectoarte lands with at least 24 hours of notice.
Article IV: Cancellation: Canceling this agreement can be done at any time with 48 hours notice given.
For Egypt,
For Italy,


Umar picked up his pen and signed his name, before handing the pen over to the Italian.

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