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The Young High King


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Aaron Fitzgerald may have been the first Irish High King to have virtually uncontested central control over the entire island of Ireland. After years of troubles and turmoil a strong central government was brought forth to deal with the problems that weak governments before could not handle. Republicanism worked in some ways, but failed in many other ways for the poorly connected island that had been oppressed for so many years before. The four provinces of Ireland - Connacht, Leinster, Munster, and Ulster - reverted to having their own kings who usually had trouble getting along just as the chiefs and kings of ancient times had trouble getting along. Still, even this form of government was better for the people than republicanism which had only lasted a few years before. Still, total unity was wanted by all sides but who would decide which king would be made High King? A council of the clans of Ireland, in addition to the Church, helped ordain Aaron as the rightfully ruler of the island. The other three kings pledged allegiance to their High King, regardless of envy, and have so far cooperated with the central Royal Government. 


So many things had left to this perfect political calm where the tools of advancement were laid out before Aaron. He only needed to grab them and begin working. Already under development was a formidable military and reliable communication network that would connect some of the more remote parts of the island to the larger cities such as Dublin, Belfast, and Cork. The reestablishment of an Irish parliament was under works but was still far from being finished. Aaron's youth provided him with plenty of energy to pay attention to all of these different problems and situations but it also made him a bit more spontaneous then some of his political partners. Though, who would tell the High King he couldn't be spontaneous? 


Aaron strolled down the marble floor of the palace with ease. His steps echoed down the long hall, each time he passed a Royal Guard the soldier snapped to attention and then back at ease once the King passed by. Unlike many modern monarchies or monarchies of the past, the monarch did not wear his crown on a daily basis. An orange sash with Irish green trimmings was worn over his black suit to establish his authority and take place of the crown on a normal basis. The sash usually didn't get in the way of normal tasks like a crown would and it looked much less ritzy to the poor Irish public. He aimed to be a people's King, something which arguably went against the very idea of royalty but still worked for Aaron. The Hand of The King, Maxwell O'Donovan, was the closest friend of Aaron and one of the most powerful men on the island. Max's word was second only to Aaron's. 


"The King approaches!" Max shouted confidently. Everyone in the hall looked at Max and then down the hall to the King who was strolling between the decorated in a dapper fashion. "The sky is blue!" Aaron shouted back jokingly. The two met each other half way. Max bowed respectfully and Aaron extended his hand for a shake. "It's good to finally see you here Max. I hope they treated you well in Cork while you were there?" Max adjusted his tie and nodded, "Yes sir, but I had to come back as soon as I heard the council chose you. I'm surprised they made such a wise decision." Aaron silently agreed. "I'm sure God helped guide them to the wisest decision. I'm going to the country. I hear there are still plenty of villages even outside of Dublin that haven't gotten the news I was chosen, most of them do not know what I look like either. I think it would be nice to get away. Think you can hold down the fort while I'm gone?" Max nodded respectfully, "It would be my honor sir. Enjoy your trip." They shook hands again and Aaron continued his walk.


He passed a few others in the hall who either bowed or quickly got out of the way and smiled politely to the High King. He even winked at one of the younger university interns who knew just the right way to wear a plaid skirt. "God have mercy" he thought to himself after passing the epitome of beauty. Waiting outside palace was the High King's low-detail Bugatti which still drew attention but made him look more like a businessman from the city than the High King of the island. "Hello sir. Where will I be taking you this afternoon?" said his driver as he entered the classic vehicle. "To the countryside, I want to get away for a while." The driver nodded, "As you wish sir." 



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