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Enclave News and Movements


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Philadelphia - In a speech in Philadelphia, Secretary of State Cordell Hull announced that in the interests of maintaining peace and stability in the former territories of the United States, the following territories shall be declared a protectorate of the American Enclave, in accordance with the Grant Plan, and enforced accordingly:

North Dakota
South Dakota
Army units are currently on their way to secure control of the protectorate regions, maintain public order, enforce laws, and generally safeguard the local inhabitants there. The American Enclave will respect other existing claims on the continental United States.
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After several hours of operations, Army troopers were firmly in control over the newest protectorate regions. Old U.S. military bases were secured and put back into operation, some of which would become F.O.Bs; such bases would be used by Army troops and personnel to further consolidate control, coordinate the influx of food, emergency supplies, and other humanitarian materials into the regions, and overall provide for an easier means of transportation. Designated cities such as Denver, Topeka, Pierre, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Diego would begin serving as regional headquarters as the Army continued its work. Army troopers and auxiliary police would begin establishing border checkpoints along the border with Confederate-controlled Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Military engineers were not idle in their work; they would vigilantly work with Army personnel to survey the regions' infrastructure to determine whether they needed improvements.

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