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The Landing of Bali


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A fleet from Greenland sailed around the tip of Africa, before maneuvering across the Indian Ocean to land at a port in southern Bali. Several pit stops had meant the journey took as many days, but nevertheless the Saxons were in range of their destination.

The Saxons sent a message to the people of the island.

This island has been claimed in the name of the Saxon Grünreich, for the Supreme General. We will now begin boarding the island: surrender to our rule and continue living unmolested, or fight and die. The choice is yours.

The fleet took a battle stance, guns aimed and ready. Soldiers began to land in southern Bali.

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The East Asian Imperium would notice the fleet movements well before they ever reached Bali, a Mitsubishi RQ-170 Senchineru would observe the fleet from afar, with the Imperium's  the 1st and 3rd fleet waiting in the Java Sea. The EAI military would elect to send a singular Hayubasa patrol vessel, the Otaka, to hail the Saxon fleet off the coast of Australia.


"Your presence within the Eastern Indian Ocean has been noticed, you are a long way from home Saxons, state your intentions in the region."

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The Saxon fleet was a bit bewildered by having been named by the Japanese. Perhaps they possessed some technology that the Saxons did not. They continued to sail parallel to the coastline of Australia, and sent a return message to the Japanese in French.

Hello, Japanese friends. We are French, not Saxon, and we are making a patrol of the Australian coast to ward off piracy in our east Asian territories. Surely you have been informed of our presence here? We are due to dock on the island of Bali in just a few minutes. Is something wrong?

After sending the message, the Saxons broke off from Australia and began heading towards Bali.


Pinpointing the location of the Japanese from their telecommunications, several submarines broke off from the fleet and scattered to random, remote locations where they would be unseen by any known Japanese radar or sonar capabilities, but still be in range of the islands of Java and Bali.
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The ships were obviously not French, the vessels were of French design, but the lack of french Flag would be noticed, and considering the Imperium's military worked closely with the French on multiple occasions, the reply was not on the encrypted channels that would have been used by French vessels. The Empress would be contacted and within a few minutes the suspicions were confirmed. The fact they lied about their identity caused an instant red flag, and their choice of false identity would be their downfall. a message would be patched in directly from Tokyo, to Christmas Island and then to the Otaka to broadcast to the opposing fleet.



"This is Empress Hoshiko of the East Asian Imperium. You appear to be mistaken as to your identity, there is no French Vessels in the area of Ocean you currently occupy, I shall give you one more chance to identify yourselves and state your intentions within my waters."


The submarines would be noticed crossing the multiple SOSUS lines that stretched across the Eastern Indian Ocean, while exact locations would be difficult to find at first, Two dozen P3C Orions would take off from Singapore, Sumatra, and the Christmas and Keeling Islands, launching into an ASW campaign to locate everything within the East Indian Ocean. Flying across the seas, they would begin dropping active Sonobuoys in large grid, spread out to allow for pinpoint accuracy should vessels enter into their field of view, it would take over a day to cover the Eastern Indian in enough buoys to allow for no escape for the enemy vessels, should they be unwise enough to remain. Every other exit was covered by enough ASMs and SOSUS lines to mean death for the enemy fleet.


The 1st and 3rd fleets would begin their own ASW operations as they moved southward through the Karimata Strait, several Boeing EA-18G Unarumonos would lead the fleet to jam enemy radars, as they began moving southward to meet.

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By the time the submarines would be identified and countered, much would have happened in the meantime. For one, the Saxon fleet had gotten in range of the Japanese, and so could strike at any time given that they had done their due diligence and managed to get the Empress herself on the line. As the message from the Empress was incoming, the three destroyers made no attempt to change speed or alter their course. The ruse had already done its job.

The Saxons sent a message to the Empress, before taking defensive positions, messaging the Balian islanders, and beginning their assault:

Indeed, we are not the French. Our purpose here in the east Indies is to capture the island of Bali to be used as a special economic zone of the Grünreich. We mean no harm to Japan, but this island is vital to our national interests, and the lack of communication from your government gave us no choice but to pursue our interests militarily. It would be in your best interest and the best interest of the civilians and of regional stability for your government to stand down and allow the seizure to take place without bloodshed. Indeed, a partnership between our nations could be quite fruitful if you were to allow it.

The captain of the lead destroyer finished the message quickly, leaving his first mate in control of the situation while he went to the bathroom. He had a nasty case of diarrhea, and he in truth hoped that the Japanese would force the Saxon fleet to go home so he could rest in the comfort of his estate. Either way, they would not be waiting for an answer before moving.
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The information was passed along and the Empress was left in disbelief, what the fuck was with all of the Nordic countries being so crazy? the situation would have to be handled carefully as they already had a reputation for paranoid behavior, sinking another nations fleet without a valid reason would probably not go over well for future foreign relations. Perhaps giving stable nations the ability to assist the Imperium within the Pacific had been a mistake, since now it appeared everyone wanted their own private island.


Considering the Imperium's fleet contained far more ships than the opposing fleet, there was little concern for a genuine threat from them, the reckless path of continuing into firing range was a strange move to say the least, considering the overwhelming firepower and far superior ability to track and shoot down any attempted strike by a few destroyers but after the Nordic moves nothing was shocking from Europeans.



It would not be in our best interest to cede land to a nation that has aggressively expanded into Greenland and Iceland after abandoning their native home, especially not so close to our own vital areas, as such I must decline your generous offer of taking the Island of Bali off our hands in the name of regional stability. Should you choose to proceed I will clearly state that it will be considered an invasion of the Imperium, and dealt with as such.


The Imperium fleet would keep their distance, staying just within firing range for their own missiles, but simply observing the opposing fleets movements for now, any troop movement would be reported back to command to decide how to proceed.

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What use do you have for this island? None. You cannot tell me the first thing about the people who live here or the traditions here, and yet you want this island why? What does it mean to you, Empress, except as a pawn for your political games? Is anything being grown here? Are the resources being exploited, or the infrastructure made stronger, or the lives of the people being made better? No. And yet you would deprive its people of glory the same you have done to subjugate the peoples of the Pacific and of the entirety of eastern Asia; as your massive, impersonal, bourgeois empire expands ever further like a parasite. We know that the people of Bali would welcome our rule with open arms, should your thugs not stand in our way.

For now, we depart. Long live the Empress.

The Grünreich fleet turned away from Bali and headed toward Western Australia. The submarine detachments would never be truly located by the Japanese, and they would slink out of the firing line shortly to join their comrades on their way to the largest island in the world.
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The opposing fleet would be trailed by the Imperium fleet, ever watchful of their side of the world, staying just within firing range should the need arise.

:Public Reply:


Bali is home to the majority of the Hindu population of Indonesia, as well as one of the largest tourist destinations of Indonesia, fascinatingly, Balinese Hinduism stands as a very unique sect, blending Buddhism and Hindu together, along with other unique aspects from what are more than likely rituals tens of thousands of years old, predating history as we know it. Balinese is the main language spoken, as with most Indonesian islands, this create a need for the majority of the population to be bi or even trilingual. In fact the four and a half million people sound as though they've already experienced life within the Imperium without me needing to lift a finger for them, they have been perfectly content remaining our protectorate, and the fact your nation feels the need to use military force to subjugate these people without any prior interaction proves we have no reason to allow you lay claim to them.


Do not attempt to claim I do not know the history of East Asia, I have been raised from birth to know the history of ALL of Asia, not just the parts I rule. They have the necessary infrastructure such a paradise requires, fiber optic internet, solar power, they are kept to the same standards as the rest of the Imperium enjoys. The East Asian Imperium is a commonwealth of Seven Nations, simply because you fail to grasp that means little to the Six Hundred Million who make up the Imperium I have created. Seven Nations, each with a government decided by the people who make up the province, there is no dictation to them, elections happen every two years and our people are free to email or write letters to their local representative, or in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, or Macau, freely participate in the conversation while their representatives are discussing whatever law may be up for debate that day. There is not another nation on this planet with that level of active participation by their citizenry. 

The last time Japan turned a blind eye to Europeans invading Bali, thousands of their citizens committed suicide rather than allow for the humiliation of subjugation. Unless you feel that the deaths of thousands of innocents is in the best interests of the Imperium, I fail to grasp your belief that our allowance of your invasion of our Sphere should be welcomed.

-Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Hoshiko, Sovereign of Japan and Joseon, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia FlowersGrand Cordon of the Order of the Precious CrownGrand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure


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