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Bohemia News and Actions

Peter Ilyich

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-With the war beginning, Bohemia would also aim to appeal to the "less destructive" actions.Wenceslaus would send out construction workers to build more buidings in the capital of Prague. The buildings would aim to have a more medieval feel.

-Wenceslaus would also give housing to those currently out of a home in the nation. This made these people be very happy with the king, who was delighted to be of assistance.

-The land that is rightfully Bohemian should not be taken away from them. women and children were put in the basements of there homes as the men would go to fight with Wenceslaus V.

-When families talked about the war with Alvonia, many would say that Alvonia were full of rat people, whie this nation was a beautiful nation that all Freedom, peace. Some other families said that Bohemia was a nation of a real-life wonderland, while Alvonia was not where you wanted to be.



Preperations for war had been taken, and the Good King slept well the night before, assured of the nations safety. When he woke up, he would do the usual:Walk up to the water, take some, cook some breakfast, go out and check up on the families, then meet up with his commanders and discuss options. The nation had already offered Alvonia to move operations, but would they answer yes?

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