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Letter to Iberia


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Spanish head of foreign affairs Alberto Vela flew a direct flight to Cairo, for years Vela had been a right hand man to Mendoza and was the only man trusted to represent the Empire. He arrived at the Cairo international airport, it was flooded with people as the city was the beating heart of the Egyptian state. He would await representatives from the government to meet him, and he hoped the wait was short, despite Spain having a harsh summer of its own it was nothing compared to the heat of Cairo. 

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A limousine met the Spaniard at the airport in Cairo. A tinted window slid away to reveal a pair of dark glasses and beard sitting in the passenger seat.

"The Supreme General has asked to speak with you personally. Please get in; I am sure you understand how busy a head of state can be."

The Spanish delegation would be escorted through the city to one of the many homes owned by the state and rented by high-ranking employees, although most were not quite as prestigious as Umar himself within Egyptian politics. Inside the home, itself a stunning achievement of the architecture and engineering that Egypt was famous for, the Supreme General would be found in the kitchen. He was just about to finish a dish he had cooked especially for the occasion.

"Oh! Good, you're here a bit early but that is no issue. Please, have a seat in the dining room and I'll be with you momentarily. There is plenty of room at the table for your entire party."

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Vela only brought two men, both dressed in casual attire. It was easy to tell what they were as they remained silent and shifted their eyes around the room.


Vela himself looked around the room, waiting for the General taking in the lavish home.

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"Ah, here you are!"

The eccentric leader placed a plot of Kushari, just like his mommy used to make, in front of each of his guests, including his own guards, several of whom would wait outside and actually do their jobs.

"This dish is very special to me señor. For, you see, I am not from the well means that I have today, and it is for this reason that I have brought the splendor I have to the people of the Empire during my tenure. My mother would plan ahead each month for the end when all that would be left would be the Kushari ingredients, and even it would be leagues ahead of any local cooking we could find. She was a strong woman, and I miss her terribly."

The somber moment was short-lived, as the Supreme General began to laugh as he made eye contact with his guest of honor.

"Yes! Yes, enough about me. So, what is on your mind, friend?"

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