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Kurdistan Factbook


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Kurdistan is a federation of three Parliamentary Republics, joined together as one nation for self defense and support. Formed by the Kurds, Armenians, and Jews, Kurdistan stands as a safe haven for the oppressed peoples of the world.

-The Republics-
Kurdistan: The bulk of the nation is designated as Kurdistan, and is formally secular and open to people of all faiths and ethnicity. The Republic is split between two primary administrative districts in the form of Upper and Lower Kurdistan, which are based on the highlands and lowlands of Kurdistan. The Republic's primary resources are mineral wealth, petroleum, and its abundant waterways. Kurdistan holds territory on the Mediterannean, and has a large tourism industry.

Hayastan: The Republic of Hayastan exists in the north of Kurdistan, on the land that was once Armenia. Hayastan is largely Christian, and has special dispensation to pass laws based on this faith, though few enough of such laws are created. Hayastan relies on energy from the other Republics of Kurdistan, and its economy is primarily based upon mining mineral wealth such as lead and gold. The Republic has a thriving industrial sector.

Yehudiyyastan: The Republic of Yehudiyyastan is based in the south of Kurdistan, with territory along the Persian Gulf. The Republic exists as a homeland and safe haven for the world's Jewry, and has special dispensation to create laws based on the religion. Yehudiyyastan possesses the former territory of Kuwait, and has roughly 10% of the world's oil reserves. The Republic's economy is reliant on oil, and it invests its proceeds into developing its infrastructure.


Kurdistan is a Parliamentary Republican Federation of the Republics of Kurdistan, Hayastan, and Yehudiyyastan. While each Republic has its own Parliament and government, they also participate in the national Parliament. The Parliaments each have one hundred seats, and choose from amongst themselves a leader (Prime Minister for the nation as a whole, Premier for Yehudiyyastan, and Chancellor for Hayastan), whom selects a cabinet. The Head of State, in the form of a President, is chosen for each Republic by its Parliament, and has limited powers. The Kurdish judiciary is independent of Parliament.


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