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Horo the Wise Wolf

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With the ever-changing political landscape and climate, King Christian X has seen it fit to take more moves to ensure the protection the sovereignty of Denmark and her people. To this extent, the Sound Toll was brought back. It was a mandate for all non-Danish ships passing through the Danish straits to pay a sum of 2% of their cargo value when passing through, as maintenance and disturbance fees. Ships would be directed to Helsingør to pay the toll, and then sent on their way. Furthermore, Danish port authorities would be given authority to purchase some of or all of the ship's cargo at the rate announced by the fee payer.

Furthermore, no foreign military ships would be allowed to pass through without seeking explicit permission from the Danish authorities at least two weeks in advance, and they could allow and deny passage as they willed.

Those policies would be enforced by either sinking or capturing offending ships.

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To further consolidate Danish strength and its ability to defend both its sovereignty and people, both King and Prime Minister have begun laying down the foundations of the Forsvaret. Designed primarily to protect core territories, it will complement the terrain and geography of the nation, plus its political stance.

Tech: 1940 (150 points)
Industry: 70 (70 points)
Soldiers: 1,300,000 (130 points)
Artillery: 6,000 (20 points)
Light ARVs: 1,000 (10 points)
Medium ARVs: 2,000 (40 points)
Armoured Cars: 1,500 (10 points)
Air Force
Aircraft: 30,000 (300 points)

Submarines: 210 (70 points)[/spoiler]
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