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Procinctia Rising "1940"


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Procinctia today, Procinctia tomorrow, Procinctia forever.


Today all free peoples of the Aleutian have declared their independence.

Democracy has chosen their new leader of a shining new epoch.

Generalissimo, generalissimo of Procinctia, has been voted El Presidente.

Surely no conflict of interest in voting head of the previous junta for head of state.

Moving forward to a shining dawn of light Aleutian country reaches outwards.

Procinctia cheerfully opens the borders to a wider international community.

Tonight Procinctia Rises!


Generalissimo, man of the people

El Presidente Grand Admiral Generalissimo of Procinctia


"My fellow Procinctians, through my brief day of El Presidency. . . I have received your gratitude my compañeros, alas, I am nothing but a humble servant. You are MY masters, MY employers. I would like to extend my gratitude to the international community, who helped me to refine this guide through their valued suggestions and their kind words for the benefit of  Procinctia. Yes there are problems, there will always be problems, especially in the current global climate! The lack of proper housing, about which I hear so much these days, is one of them, and it WILL be resolved, in time, as the economy stabilizes. We'll make amazing development in just one mandate! I have an even more astonishing future for you all! "

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800 points

-30 Technology raised to +1936

-30 Technology raised to +1937

-30 Technology raised to +1938


710 points remaining


-110 points for +11,000 aircraft


600 points remaining


-100 points for +300 submarines 


500 points remaining


-100 points for +10 carriers 


400 points remaining


-50 points for +100 destroyers


350 points remaining


-50 points for +50 cruisers 


300 points remaining


-50 points for +10 battleships


250 points remaining


-20 points for +10 Seaplane tenders  


230 points remaining


-10 points for +100 combat airships


220 points remaining


-20 points for +600 artillery pieces


200 points remaining


-10 points for +100,000 soldiers


190 points remaining


-20 points for 3,000 armored cars


170 points remaining


-40 points for +4,000 miscellaneous aircraft


130 points remaining


-10 for +20 miscellaneous destroyers


120 points remaining


-18 points for +6 battlecruisers 


102 points remaining


Reserved to Future Replenishment: 102 points 

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Non Carrier Military Aircraft of Procinctia 


Fighter Aircraft

Supermarine Spitfires (variant pending): 5,300

Hawker Hurricane Mk I: 1,300 

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk: 700

Morane-Saulnier M.S.406: 700


Bomber Aircraft

Bristol Blenheim: 200

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress: 2,200

Handley Page Hampden: 200 

Northrop A-17: 200

Vought SB2U Vindicator: 200


Miscellaneous Aircraft - Biplanes

Polikarpov I-5: 900 Night Bombers

Gloster Gladiator: 900 Fighters

Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk 100 Fighters

Gloster Grebe: 100 Fighters

Sopwith Camel (variant pending): 100 Fighters

Vickers Vildebeest: 100 Torpedo Bombers


Miscellaneous Aircraft - Blackburn

Blackburn Roc: 100 Fighters

Blackburn Skua: 100 Bombers


Miscellaneous Aircraft - Seaplanes

Consolidated PBY Catalina: 1,000 anti-submarine warfare configuration

Consolidated PBY Catalina: 200 Night Attack/Naval Interdiction Configurations

Consolidated PB2Y Coronado: 100 flying boat patrol bombers

Short S.25 Sunderland: 100 flying boat patrol bombers 

Grumman G-21 Goose (G-21B): 100 flying boat patrol 

Latécoère 298: 100 Seaplane Torpedo Bombers


Combat Airships

Akron/Macon-class Carriers: 20

23-class Gunship/Carriers: 5

R33-class Carriers: 5

Zeppelin R-class Bombers: 10

Zeppelin P-Class Bombers: 10

K-class Anti-Submarine Warfare Blimps: 25

M-class Anti-Submarine warfare Blimps: 25

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Naval Vessels of Procinctia


Aircraft Carriers

Yorktown-class Aircraft Carriers: 5

Hiryū-class Aircraft Carrier: 1

Lexington-class Aircraft Carriers: 2

Ranger-class Aircraft Carrier: 1

Ark Royal-class Aircraft Carrier: 1



Surcouf-class Submarines: 20

Type VII U-boats: 100

T-class Submarines: 20

Marcello-class Submarines: 20

Type B1-class submarines: 20

Type J-3-class submarines: 20

Vetehinen-class Submarines: 10

Type J1-class Submarines: 10

I-121-class Submarines: 10

Kaichū IV Ro-26-class Submarines: 10
Kaichū V Toku-Chū Ro-29-class: 20

Kaidai V I-165 class-class Submarines: 10

Parthian-class Submarines: 10 

Sargo-class Submarines: 10

M-class Submarines: 10



Colorado-class Battleships: 2

Conte di Cavour-class (refit) Battleships: 2

Dunkerque-class Battleships: 2

Nelson-class Battleships: 2

Nevada-class Battleships: 2



Parnaíba-class River Monitors: 5

Arkansas-class Monitors: 5

Benham-class Destroyers: 10

Sims-class Destroyers: 10

Bagley-class Destroyers: 10

Somers-class Destroyers: 10

Mendoza-class Destroyers: 10

Admiralty Type Flotilla Leaders: 10

H-class Destroyers: 10

I-class Destroyers: 10

Tashkent-class Destroyers: 5

Serrano-class Destroyers: 5

Mogador-class Destroyers: 10

Fubuki-class Destroyers: 10


Seaplane Tenders

Commandant Teste-class Seaplane Tenders: 2

Dedalo-class Seaplane Tenders: 2

Gotland-class Seaplane Tenders: 2

Mizuho-class Seaplane Tenders: 2

Nisshin-class Seaplane Tenders: 2



Renown-class Battlecruisers (1930's reconstruction): 2

Kongō-class Battlecruisers: 4



County-class Cruisers: 2

Pensacola-class Cruisers: 2

New Orleans-class Cruisers: 12

Portland-class Cruisers: 2

Northampton-class Cruisers: 2

Brooklyn-class Cruisers: 2

Hawkins-class Cruisers: 2

York-class Cruisers: 2

Arethusa-class Cruisers: 2

Aoba-class Cruisers: 2

Myōkō-class Cruisers: 2

Mogami-class Cruisers: 2

Väinämöinen-class Coastal Defense Ships: 2

Sverige class Coastal Defense Ships: 2

Thonburi-class Coastal Defence Ships: 2

Bahia-class (inter-war modernization) Cruisers: 2

Georgios Averof-class Cruisers: 2

Crown Colony-class Cruisers: 2

Veinticinco de Mayo-class Cruisers: 2

Tromp-class Cruisers: 2

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Carrier aircraft/seaplanes come with their ships.

Seaplane Tender Based Aircaft of Procinctia


Commandant Teste-class Seaplane Tender Aircraft: 26 seaplanes

Latécoère 298 seaplane bomber: 14 per Commandant Teste/28 overall

Levasseur PL.15 seaplane torpedo bomber: 10 per Commandant Teste/20 overall

Loire 130 reconnaissance flying boat: 2 per Commandant Teste/ 4 overall


Dedalo-class Seaplane Tender Aircraft: 20 seaplanes, 2 dirigibles, 2 captive balloons

K-class anti-submarine warfare blimp: 2 per Dedalo/4 overall

SIAI S.16 seaplane reconnaissance-bomber: 10 per Dedalo/20 overall

Macchi M.18 flying boat bombers: 10 per Dedalo/20 overall


Gotland-class Seaplane Tender Aircraft: 8 seaplanes

Hawker Osprey seaplane light bomber: 8 per Gotland/ 8 overall


Mizuho-class Seaplane Tender Aircraft: 24 seaplanes

Watanabe E9W seaplane reconnaissance: 4 per Mizuho/8 overall

Aichi E11A flying boat patrol: 4 per Mizuho/8 overall

Kawanishi H6K flying boat patrol/bomber: 4 per Mizuho/8 overall

Mitsubishi F1M  floatplane reconnaissance: 12 per Mizuho/24 overall


Nisshin-class Seaplane Tender: 20 seaplanes

Watanabe E9W seaplane reconnaissance: 10 per Nisshin/20 overall

Mitsubishi F1M  floatplane reconnaissance: 10 per Nisshin/20 overall

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Carrier aircraft/seaplanes come with their ships.

Carrier Based Aircaft of Procinctia


Yorktown-class Aircraft Carrier Aircraft

Curtiss P-36 Hawk fighter: 50 per Yorktown/250 overall

Douglas TBD Devastator torpedo bomber: 40 per Yorktown/200 overall


Hiryū-class Aircraft Carrier Aircraft

Nakajima B5N torpedo bomber: 10 active, 9 spares per Hiryū/10 active, 9 spares overall

Mitsubishi A5M figher: 44 per Hiryū/44 overall

Mitsubishi Ki-15 light attack bomber: 10 per Hiryū/10 overall


Lexington-class Aircraft Carrier Aircraft

Curtiss P-36 Hawk fighter: 43 per Lexington/86 overall

Douglas TBD Devastator torpedo bomber: 30 per Lexington/60 overall

Curtiss F11C Goshawk fighter: 5 (reserve/training) per Lexington/10 overall


Ranger-class Aircraft Carrier Aircraft

Curtiss P-36 Hawk fighter: 46 per Ranger/46 overall

Douglas TBD Devastator torpedo bomber: 20 per Ranger/20 overall

Curtiss F11C Goshawk fighter: 10 (reserve/training) per Ranger/10 overall

Vought SB2U Vindicator dive bombers: 10 per Ranger/10 overall


Ark Royal-class Aircraft Carrier Aircraft:

Blackburn B-24 Skua dive bomber and fighter: 25 per Ark Royal/25 overall

Blackburn B-25 Roc Figher: 12 per Ark Royal/12 overall

Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber: 12 per Ark Royal/12 overall

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