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Pilsudski (Sanacja) Poland


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OOC - Will be a little different than it was historically. Will be more authoritarian and more of junta.

*It is midnight. Jozef Pilsudski stood with his lieutenants outside President Stanislaw Wojciechowski's Presidential Residence, while his Major General stood outside Prime Minister Wincenty Witos' residence. Pilsudski's loyal soldiers have surrounded both residences.*

Pilsudski: "President Wojciechowski, your residence has been completely surrounded. Your guards have already surrendered. It is no use to hold out. Come out, surrender the government, and you will not be harmed."

*Several minutes would pass, and the President would look out his second story window. Seeing that hundreds of armed soldiers were indeed all around his residence, he would disappear for a few more minutes. He would then reappear at the doorway, his hands raised over his head, and slowly walk towards Jozef Pilsudski.*

President: Ok. Ok, I surrender. Heaven help me, I surrender. The government is yours. May God save our country."

*Several soldiers would step forward, grab the now ex-President's arms, put them behind his back, and securely tie them together.

Several moments later, the now ex-Prime Minister, Wincenty Witos, would arrive, his hands also tied behind his back, being led by the gunpoint of three soldiers, towards General Pilsudski.*

A Lieutenant: "Well done, Marshal Pilsudski. Poland and it's governing is now yours. What shall we do next, sir?"

Marshal Pilsudski: "We shall form a junta, consisting of myself, Kazimierz Bartel, Ignacy Moscicki, Kazimierz Switalski, Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, and Aleksander Prystor. Then we shall Implement our new government and finally create a Sanacja Poland."

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Marshal Pilsudski is proud to announce that the corrupt, inept, and incompetent Polish government that was led by Ex-President Wojciechowski and ex-Prime Minister Witos, has of last night come to an end, deposed by, in his courage and wisdom, Marshal Pilsudski and his loyal army in a coup de tat.

The Polish Government has been reformed by Marshal Pilsudski and his close confidantes as the Sanacja Government of Poland.

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