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American Enclave


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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
It was a beautiful, sunny day in Philadelphia, and the streets adjacent to the historic Independence Hall building was full of large crowds of citizens who clamored to see a clear view of what was to be their newest leader. Philadelphia police officers stood nearby, keeping a vigilant eye for any potential troublemakers.
"Here he is!"
The shout of an anonymous citizen was instantly drowned out by a cacophony of enthusiastic shouts that pierced the calm Philadelphia air as a ruggedly handsome young man strode out of Independence Hall to a podium out in front. He was dressed in a sharp suit, and his intense, piercing eyes scanned over the audience before his lips curled up in a charming smile.
"Ladies and gentlemen," the man began, his voice instantly broadcast to the audience - and the rest of the city and the new nation. "We stand at a new epoch of American history, like our Founding Fathers centuries ago, where they drafted and issued the Declaration of Independence in defiance of Great Britain. It is here what the Constitution was drafted, one that would serve as a lasting and stable foundation of the American polity that would over time come to play an vitally important role in the world community of nations.
It is here that we assemble together to continue the eternal work that our Founding Fathers started back in 1776, to band together as a community of citizens endowed with certain unalienable rights, among them Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and as a sovereign nation to secure these rights for the People to enjoy. It is here that we band together as an enclave of citizens to weather a harsh world that will undoubtably test our strength and resolve as a community and as a nation, of which I am undoubtably confident that we will successfully endure and prosper. 
It is with all these in our minds and hearts that the American Enclave is formed. We shall continue the Founding Fathers' work to its natural conclusion, and under the protection of divine Providence, we shall succeed and prosper and mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor toward that purpose! As President of the American Enclave, I, Julius Palmer, shall see to it that our historic mission is achieved, and that our inalienable rights and values be enjoyed by all for now and ever!"
Thunderous applause and cheering greeted the new President's speech as the Enclave flag began to unfurl from the Independence Hall - and countless buildings across the nation. From New York in the north to Washington City in the south, from Minneapolis in the northwest to Dover in the southeast, the American Enclave stood proud and ready, like the bald eagle that served as a historic symbol of its predecessor.
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