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LoSS Affirmation of Existence


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Hi. LoSS still exists and never stopped existing.
Our website has not changed. Our government has though.
New government:
#1: Phoebus
#2: Junior
Economics: Sam Winter
Armory: Co God Ben
Relations: Amossio
*if I cared what SNX has to say after this post, I would not have used comic sans.
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I've known LoSS for a while, and she's has had her ups and downs. Here's to this being up. o/ LoSS


I was always fond of you guys. It's unfortunate what happened and my biggest regret is I have not been around in the last couple years to curb the poor decision(s) that have been made. o/ Synergy? :D

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I have to admit it sends a thrill through my heart to see an old name, one already tossed onto the bonfire-pile like garbage by the majority, stand up and be counted.


P/ to the League of Small Superpowers, and to the traditions from which they hail.


And yeah, not going to in any way discourage you from talking with your former compatriates and working stuff out. Obviously that would be ideal.


But either way I am happy you are still around and wish you the best.



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Mergers are a tricky beast, take care and good luck. There's so two ways around it though, its a new chapter now whether you pushed on or stuck with the old AA. Things are starting new again for you, your now on the edge of the Top 100, got a small central core, and your fate will be in your hands whether you wish to settle into that space and relax or really dig deep and attempt a second wind via a rigorous recruitment campaign. Enjoy the ride either way!

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