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Meeting the Other Side of the World


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A message would be sent to the Cascadian government:


From: Northlands Office for Foreign Affairs

To: Cascadia




The Northlands is eager to begin formal relations between our nations. We believe that we have much to offer each other, especially in terms of mutually beneficial trade between our nations. I invite you to send a delegation to Funchal, Madeira for a summit between our nations. I look forward to your reply.



Alexandre Lemaitre

Royal Officer for Foreign Affairs



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A reply would be sent to the Northlands



We would be delighted to visit the glorious Northlands. Trade with Europe is quite important to us and it will be treated as such. I will personally be coming to the meeting.


Alan Wymore- Royal King of Cascadia


Alan would board a plane along with a handful of select Cascadian Rangers.

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The plane would find a smooth journey as it made its way to the small island of Madeira in the Atlantic. The King would be given a welcome befitting of his status as he made his way from the airport to the small palace just outside the city. He would be greeted by King William IV, who had taken the opportunity to vacation on the island before the meeting.


King William IV extended his hand as the two men met just outside the main door to the royal palace. "It's good to meet you, King Wymore. I trust your journey here was pleasant? Please, tell me how things are in Cascadia, I'm afraid I've never had the opportunity to visit the Americas."

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Alan smiled as he shook King Williams hand, "No no, the pleasure is all mine, it's not every day that I get to travel out and meet someone of such high esteem. As for getting here the flight was alright but the ride over here was spectacular. Things in Cascadia are as good as ever, literacy rates are up, our economy is high, and people are just generally happy which is what pleases me the most. But enough of Cascadia, how are things in the Northlands and in Europe? Especially with the return of France."

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The men would continue their conversation as they walked into the mansion, heading into one of the more ornate rooms. Normally the King would offer his guest a nice glass of scotch as they began talking, but he would shelve that until after dinner. For now, an exquisite tea set was laid out on the grand table, and two small cups of tea would be poured for the two men in memory of an acquaintance that had just passed. William put several sugar cubes and splash of brandy in his cup before stirring and sipping. 


"I'm glad to hear of the successes of Cascadia. You speak so highly of it I really ought to come visit it for myself," he would reply while smiling. "The Northlands is also doing well as a whole. I'm especially pleased of the progress in industrial output we've made in Schleswig and Holstein in the past several months. The return of our southern neighbor to the world stage is a welcome one as we have much to discuss. The world, especially Europe, has changed a great deal and we must ensure we are capable of dealing with the new challenges of today.


Unfortunately, we've just learned of a terrorist attack that took place in a Northlandic island in the Pacific, and we're currently working to bring those responsible to justice and provide relief to the affected islanders. My Officer of Security has personally ensured his commitment to this and I trust it will be done, although I hope you won't mind if a messenger briefly interrupts our meeting if there's a significant development in the situation." He would take another sip as he moved the conversation to a less somber topic.


"Anyways, I was hoping to discuss possible areas of cooperation between our nations. Our communication with American nations has for the most part been limited, although I'm eager to begin economic and other relations with trustworthy, honorable partners such as yourself. 


Perhaps you could discuss your thoughts on more formal cooperation between our states. I would also be interested in hearing about the foreign affairs goals of Cascadia."

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Alan listened and only replied when given time to do so, "Europe has always been a messy place and it is quite an accomplishment the Northlands has been managing to stay on top of it's neighbors. Especially the war with Alvonia over the sovereignty of Brandenburg. Quite a few of Cascadias higher ranking generals praised the wit and military strategism of your army. While others applauded your excellence in defending their independence." 



Alan frowned at the news of a terrorist attack in the northlandic pacific. "A terrorist act is a cowardly one. If you don't mind I would like to route the CNS Hood to assist in anything the Northlands might need as well as a few cargo ships carrying supplies to rebuild what was lost. So, no I would not mind if a messenger comes in to bring news of the situation."


"An economic agreement between our nations would be quite a great thing and I excited look forward too it. Cascadia has many things it can offer to the Northlands. As for the foreign affairs goals of cascadia we have but a few. Cascadia would like to be allied with The northlands, Japan, and France, and maybe russia."

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"Yes, it's unfortunate but the reality of the situation is we are located in a tough neighborhood in the world and have had to take the appropriate means to secure our well-being. And it seems that Europe has fallen into conflict once more..."


"I thank you for your offer of assistance and graciously accept. Your ships and cargo vessels are very much appreciated and I'll have the Office of Security notified to make the necessary arrangements. I have full faith that we will catch those responsible, there is no place for these actions in a civilized society."


"Anyways," William would begin as the meeting progressed to the business at hand. "I definitely see no problem with signing a trade treaty between our nations, and I'd like to take it one step further. The Northlands is interesting in forming alliances with nations outside of Europe, and I think we both have a lot to offer the other. For instance, I think we could cooperate on matters in the Pacific, such as hosting joint naval exercises. I'm not sure of the current state of your navy, but we can offer potential basing rights for you in our Pacific holdings. As such the Northlands is willing to sign a treaty of mutual defense, if Cascadia is comfortable with that." He paused and allowed Alan to respond to his comments.

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