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A Kaskus Annoucement


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Oh I see, my mistake. It's definitely easy to see what that alliance it was by that Assassin's Creed 3 flag.

Our alliance theme was not only contrived from The III Percent that fought in the American Revolution, at the time Octavian and Freelancer were deep into a popular storyline at ubisoft.

To honor that beginning our war flag has changed

Though I've heard they're a handful.

That's some hype, I hope we can live up to it

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Congrats on the well unwritten treaty Kaskus o/

in this TLDR world we live in, we both felt this was self explanatory. I wanted to go with Them - US but we were afraid someone may mistake it for a DOW

Damn smuf I think we blew an opportunity here.

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Did GATO get a tub of vassaline before the cancellation and jump or was it a "thanks for everything" dry run?


"its not the strength of the eagles talons that kills its prey, its the timing of the strike" Sun Tzu


Should have stayed with GATO.

Edited by Thorgrum
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Why do you think of change as a bad thing? For us, we noticed others changing while we stayed the same. We were extremely happy and content, not to mention thankful for GATO and their help not to mention support. However, GATO has been changing. Key members have left that we had a good relationship with. So we decided it was time us to change things up a little as well. We still have a special place in our hearts for GATO and always will. That has not changed, nor will it ever. So your comment was completely unnecessary, Thorgrum. 


Have a great evening darlin'.


The lovely Lady, 


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