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Soldiers Killed stat - for nations

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We already have a Soldiers Killed stat for Alliances.


We currently track Attacking Casualties for nations, which this round 32 is being used for awards. However, the true direct representation would be Individual Soldiers Killed. Im not suggesting to change this half way through a round ;) But, It would be nice for ALL nations to see where they rank up on the Soldiers Killed charts.


Infrastructure Destroyed for individual nations would also be a very cool stat.


Way back in 2012 someone had this idea :P http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/113009-record-kills-as-well-as-casualties/

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we track casualties for individual nations.
we track casualties and soldiers killed for AAS.

please start tracking soldiers killed / casualties inflicted for individual nations asap.

It's a far better stat.
I can easily manipulate my casualties while staying within the rules of the game.
Casualties inflicted is much harder.

Even if this stat is not used, please let us see the numbers.

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