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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire

Министерство иностранных дел Российская Империя



Minister responsible: Vladimir Lavrov
Jurisdiction: Russian Government (Tsar, Imperial Ruling Council, and Council of Ministers)
Headquarters: Foreign Ministry Building, Smokenskaya Square, Moscow

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a central government institution responsible for conducting the foreign affairs of Russia, as determined by the Tsar and the Imperial Government. The Foreign Ministry is specifically tasked with protecting and assisting Russian citizens living or traveling abroad, informing the Russian public about foreign policy objectives and the state of international relations, and coordinating international activities of other agencies, overseas official visits, and other diplomatic efforts.
(OOC: You can post here in response to my news thread so it doesn't get cluttered up, request a diplomatic meeting, voice panicked concerns about the big bad bear, or whatever.)

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Prime Minister Beres has arrived in Moscow and is looking forward to his stay there.


Prime Minister Beres would be greeted by a small delegation from the Diplomatic Corps, along with a honor guard that would play the Hungarian-Slovak anthem. Afterwards, the Prime Minister would be driven through the busy streets of Moscow in a special limousine to the Kremlin, where he would be escorted inside to a conference room. Sitting at the conference was the new Ultranationalist Premier, Imran Markov.
"Greetings, comrade," Markov said cordially as he shook hands with Prime Minister Beres. "Welcome to Moscow. How may I help you?"
(OOC: We can either create a new thread for this meeting, or continue it here. Either way works for me.)
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A handwritten message would be couriered in a diplomatic bag to the Hungarian-Slovak embassy in Moscow.
Reply to Hungary-Slovakia:
"Permission is granted to dock in our naval facilities in the ports of Novorossiysk, Mariupol, Rostov, and Sochi. Local authorities will be notified of the arrangements that will be required to accommodate your naval vessels. If you are interested, certain arrangements can be made to transport some of your ships overland to a northern location like Petrograd."
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