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Pasta in London


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The British Government recognizes Cisalpinia's claim and offers its friendship in Cisalpinia fulfilling these needs.  We offer you to come to London for talks on any assistance you may require.




"We thank Great Britain for their offer of support in this time of strife. While I myself would very much like to come to Britain, I am currently tied up with negotiations here in Bologna. Instead I will send a representative to London to discuss what support could be offered. I will organise for the Senate to appoint an ambassador to Great Britain, and they will be dispatched to meet with your leadership in due course." - Achille Oberti, Secretary-General of the Directory




A few days later, Tullio Blandus, the newly appointed ambassador to Great Britain would fly to London to meet with the British government. He would not only be tasked with securing material aid from the British but also to remain in London and establish a permanent embassy there. Ideally Blandus would meet with the Prime Minister himself, although another minister would be a suitable underling.

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