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GPA Fall Gov: Inspectors Galore!


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The GPA Proud Presents:
An Inquisitive Dove
GPA Government September - November 2014
Inspector Jacques Clouseau 'benfinan' - President
Special Agent Fox Mulder 'probablamenteno' - Vice President
Inspector Morse 'Willems' - Minister of Internal Affairs
Inspector Gadget 'Arrnea' - Minister of Defense
Sherlock Holmes 'Imperator' - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hercule Poirot 'Lyrositor' - Minister of Economics
Ace Ventura 'Printer' - Minister of Membership Compliance
Inspector Foyle 'Nuwen' - Director of the Academy  
Inspector Jack Frost 'bladegolm47' - Director of Communications
Inspector Javert 'Lunan' - Director of Human Resources
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Every single member of this government is perfect for the task! Congratulations to all the elected.




When did Jerdge stop being gov? I started getting used to him being the face of GPA, but I hope he enjoys his retirement or break from Gov. Congrats and good luck to all the new government members.

I have been in the GPA government for really too long. I think I started with Assistant MoFA in 2010 and I went through MoFA, President, MoD, Advisor and then Owner, plus one month at being the most inactive MoE of all times... (I may be forgetting something). I don't remember any formal break, almy year as Owner has actually been very easy, as the Owner has basically nothing to do other than staying there and avoiding screwing things up.

As a matter of fact, I resigned from Owner just the other day (in the GPA it's a "lifetime" Office, but it was already one year and it was time to let leave it to someone else).


I stopped being particularly active in gov over one year ago, anyway. Thanks for asking! :)

where do you put Dehlia?

There's this Belisarius guy that claims to be Dehlia, just with a new name, but we people of the Dehlia Liberation Movement continue our fight to free Dehlia from... well, whoever kidnapped him.




EDIT: and there I am Advisor again. The curious will be delighted to know that I have been non-gov for a whole 8 hours and 9 minutes...

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