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Antarctic-Plains Diplomacy


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OOC: Starting where we left off at South Orkney Islands


IC: The diplomats from Antarctica, having just recently arrived, were staying in a small conference room in one of the buildings waiting for a Plains Federation ambassador to arrive to begin talks. The room was quiet while the team was patiently waiting. Not much later the sound of footsteps bean to grow louder when Governor Sparks entered the room.

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The distant hum of a helicopter slowly turned into a growling roar. The afternoon sky was a little overcast but definitely clear enough for the governor's helicopter to land at the island. "South Orkney Radar Field Office this is Maritime One, do you copy? Over."

"Roger Maritime One we copy. Over."

"Requesting to land at Orcades Research Station? Over."

"Maritime One you are clear to land at Orcades. Welcome to the island." 

"Roger Field Office. Maritime One over and out." 


Two F-16s bolted over the island while Maritime One softly landed at the helipad near Orcades. A small honor guard was outside along with Captain Wicker who stepped out of the negotiation room to greet the governor. A Texas Maritime National Guardsmen stood at attention next to one of the helicopter doors and rose his hand to a salute when the governor stepped out. Anthony was wearing his suit under his topcoat which was just thick enough to keep him war. Captain Wicker was among his National Guardsmen, saluting the commander-in-chief of Texas's armed forces. Anthony immediately saluted back when he saw the honor guard. "Governor Sparks!" yelled the captain over the decreasing roar of the helicopter's engines. "Welcome to the South Orkney Islands! It's an honor to have you here sir!" Anthony shook Captain Wicker's hand and patted him on the back, "It's good to be here captain! Let's go see our guests!" 


The governor was treated more like the leader of an independent nation than just the Governor of Texas; however Anthony's elaborate escorts and official recognition was arguably justified because Texas was the largest State in the Federation and fielded a massive National Guard. Nevertheless, Texas was among one of the most loyal States. Three Texas Rangers double-timed it out of the helicopter and followed the governor at a safe distance. Their cowboy hats and silver revolvers seemed out of place in such a cold environment but they prevailed onward. The Federation's flag and the Texas flag flew above the negotiation room. It took only a few minutes after landing for one of the Texas Rangers to open the door to the negotiation room. "Gentlemen, the Governor of Texas." Anthony stepped in and removed his topcoat which he placed on a conveniently existing coat hanger. "Howdy gentlemen." Anthony first went to the one who looked in charge and offered his hand, "I am Anthony Sparks, it's nice to meet you. I hope our presence here hasn't caused you and your men too much trouble?" The governor looked around and saw a small table with water and crackers. "Sorry about our meager accommodations... But please, make yourself at home." He cracked open a bottle of water and sat with the diplomats at the head of a long, wooden table. 

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The Head Director responded to the governor "Miles Kane, Director of the Antarctic FES. Nice to meet you, even though the reason is to avoid an international incident. Despite the situation, we'd much rather walk out of here friends than enemies. Now regarding the situation, we would like to know what such a large force of Plains Federation troops are doing here in the South Orkney islands, and so close to Antarctica, if you don't mind us asking. We were particularly surprised by the presence of a military force in what was presumed to be unoccupied territory, or else we wouldn't have sent a force of our own up here."

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