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Gaela in turmoil [jRP]


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(ooc stuff and rules)

[spoiler]I am completely newb at RP, (I think) I am not that good at telling stories, English isn't my first language: thanks for being indulgent with me! If you have any suggestion and constructive criticism, please anyway tell me.


This RP is based on my in-game nation, Gaela, and it's meant to introduce part of its history and of its national political system, with a focus on their current evolution on a national scale. As most of this stuff will have no corresponding events in the game, this is not strictly "Game-related RP", which is why I put the thread in this (ON-RP) forum. This is not meant to be or to become part of any other already established RP, and it's not meant to last for more than a week or something like that (I'll adjust while I go, anyway: I can't exclude I'll find it enough funny to want to go on for years, lol).


If you wish to add some IC material for your own amusement, feel free to do so directly into this RP thread, where you can play the role of one or several person(s) that observe or are involved in the events that I will tell while I go on. You have to follow these guidelines, however:

  • Your contribution to the story will be based on what exists or could actually exist in today's Real Life. No starcraft, zombies, magic or anything like that, thanks. As long as what you tell is possible in RL, feel anyway free to role play anything eccentric or humorous, if you feel like doing it.
    (Yes, I know that Gaela - a 20 million people "country" constituted by hundreds of huge artificial floating islands right in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, is itself not very realistic... However, it's there, and we'll go with what we have, trying not to add anything even stranger than that, ok?...)
  • You don't change big stuff and you don't add to the national-level story that I will be telling. You can't shoot at the President, you don't trigger an explosive nuclear device, you aren't a Minister, you can't do anything "big". You can touch on the national-level "big" events, however, if you don't change them and you don't add constraints that could alter them, or prevent me from driving the story where I want/need to get it. For example, you can role play someone that was at school with Vice-President Yang Cixi when they were 10, and be interview by some reporter about it (or you can be the reporter and tell it from their perspective); if the President's son is killed in a terrorist attack, you can retell the story from a witness's perspective; you can "publish"on a tabloid some weird story about (1st) jerdge's platinum toilets; etc.
  • If asked by me to please adjust/develop your contribution, you will try to help me with my story by doing your best at it (assuming that you can spend your time on it, of course). Thanks in advance.
  • Moderate joking around that causes me to have to "solve" some problem to advance is admissible, but please don't make my life impossible, thanks! For example, "reporting" that some character has been seen where they shouldn't/couldn't be may be OK, but "proving" that some major character is actually a man-eating alien from another star is definitely not OK.

As you see, these guidelines are fairly vague and they most probably include some easily-exploitable loophole... But this story doesn't need external contributions: it's completely up to you to decide to have some fun by injecting stuff into it, or not. Please act in good faith.[/spoiler]



Location: Gaela (South Atlantic Ocean)


August, 30, 1 PM - Mystery in Gaela, where communication networks have been subject to severe problems all over the country, starting approximately two hours ago. The Internet is down in basically all the area, while the cell phone network seems to be working, albeit intermittently. Attempts to contact Maedolan, the submarine capital city with a population count of over 8 millions, have however failed this far.


August, 30, 3 PM - An update over the Gaelan situation. It's four hours that the some 20 million Gaelans that inhabit the hundreds of artificial islands in the South Atlantic Ocean are almost completely cut off the global communication networks. Earlier today, around 10:30, the Internet suddenly went down, quickly followed by basically all the local TV and radio broadcasting stations. Cell phones worked intermittently for another couple of hours, but no communication was heard from the capital, Maedolan. Experts say that the peculiar location of the country, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, probably played a role in determining the current situation: Uninterruptible Power Supplies are unfeasible or too expensive for most facilities, and generators are limited to the life-support and the island-navigation systems, thus most of the country relies on the state submarine power grid, and/or on wind power. The weather in the area is however currently fair, and no explanation has been provided by the government, which in fact is basically unreachable as well.


August, 30, 3:30 PM - Gaela: a complete black out. The country is completely unreachable, and no one has any idea of what is happening in the area.


August, 30, 4:15 PM - Gaela in turmoil! Rumours seem to indicate that 1st jerdge, head of the country along all its history, might have suffered of sudden health problems. 1st jerdge would have been forced to an emergency recovery in St. Asclepius Major, Maedolan's state hospital. This information, collected thanks to the sparse cell phone calls that were possible before the black out, and apparently confirmed by confused amateur radio reports, has anyway yet to be thoroughly verified.

Gaela, generally a peaceful and sleepy nation, has been recently agitated by rumours of impending involvement in war with unspecified enemies. For the first time in years, protesters marched across the floating islands, and the Under Power - the semi-clandestine organization that advocates for the secession of the submerged parts of the country - reared its head after a two years-long silence. The economic crisis also hit hard on the country, with investors generally stopping the most innovative and ambitious plans, and unemployment at its highest since 2008. In the last six months, and for the first time ever, in Gaela there has been an open debate about corruption and misgovernment, problems that were previously unthinkable. 1st jerdge's determined leadership easily hold the country together up to this point but, should he become unable to continue with his strong presidency, tensions in the country will inevitably sky rocket.

The link between the news about 1st jerdge's bad health and the communication black out is however still unclear.

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[spoiler][ooc] Thread continued according to this explanation of this forum's rules on gravedig. Apologies if I got it wrong. [/ooc][/spoiler]
Location: Gaela (South Atlantic Ocean)
August, 31, 6:00 AM - Reconnaissance night flights from Anarchism reported that the Gaelan territory is unusually dark. Only scattered lights are visible where large groups of illuminated islands should be. Daylight satellite imagery seems normal, although results of high res scans are currently still kept confidential by the states having access to them.
August, 31, 7:00 PM - Container ships Siberian Peace (from Anarchism) and Iolar na Mara (from Morgannwg) approached Maedolan to dock, with no further communication then received from them. A third unidentified commercial ship has been spotted by Morgannwgese fishermen while sailing towards Gaela, and not coming back.

Location: South Atlantic Ocean, area between Anarchism, Morgannwg and Pogoland ("theatre zone")
September, 1, 11:00 AM - In light of the strange situation surrounding Gaela's apparent isolation, nearby international waters are being patrolled by friendly military vessels, assigned with the duty of escorting passing by commercial transports, and to provide intel, reconnaissance and protection in case of any incident.

Location: Gaela (South Atlantic Ocean)
September, 4 - After almost five days of information blackout, unnamed military sources reported that satellite and drones detected signs of SALW usage in ground combat between unidentified groups. The well-equipped Gaelan armed forces and their known bases don't seem to be involved. Combat has been detected both in urban and country areas, and uncontrolled fires have been observed as well.




Location: Maedolan (Gaelan capital city)


September, 5 - Gaelan Intelligence sources reported that 1st jerdge has been evacuated from St. Asclepius Major and is now in an undisclosed location.


September, 6 - Combat erupted in several districts and is now involving the Gaelan Army too. GAF aircraft have been observed leaving the archipelago and heading SW.


September, 8 - Local Gaelan information networks started transmitting again, though intermittently, after well over one week of complete blackout. Although contradictory over many aspects of the situation, all news agree that Gaela has currently fell into civil war, with the biggest part of the Army siding with the traditional government, another portion backing Under Power, other groups (including most of the elite ones) having constituted, or supporting, a new formation named "YGWA", and finally several smaller parties fighting on their own, or in smaller groups. Many paramilitary, irregular and insurgent formation also spread out all over the country as well.



Location: Gaela (South Atlantic Ocean)
September, 9 - Under Power new leader, Mrs Qiu Jin, issued a statement denouncing 1st jerdge's "corrupt" government, and declaring herself jerdge*.

* Though normally used in place of the actual leader's name, in Gaelan "jerdge" (never capitalized) means "leader".


September, 10 - YGWA leader, Mrs Sun Nhu Reika, also issued a statement denouncing both 2st jerdge and Mrs Qiu Jin, and declaring herself jerdge as well.


September, 13 - UP and YGWA armed forces are reported to have established local agreements in many parts of the archipelago, and are now united against the loyal forces. The situation on the terrain seems highly volatile.

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