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Carthage-Zapadnaya Diplomacy

Imperator Azenquor

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The government of Zapadnaya would send the following private diplomatic message to the government of Carthage:



[b]To: The Government of the Kingdom of Carthage

Fr: The Government of Zapadnaya[/b]
The government of Zapadnaya would like to express it’s sincere appreciation for the Carthaginian move to secure the territory of the Kingdom of Sparta in the aftermath of that state’s collapse. It has come to the attention of my government that until this point we have had no significant diplomatic contact with the Kingdom of Carthage, I am determined to address this.
Therefore, I would like to request a meeting with a representative of the government of the Kingdom of Carthage to formally establish a bilateral diplomatic relationship with Carthage and to discuss areas of potential mutual cooperation.
-Paskal Dragomirov (President of Zapadnaya)


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The Carthaginian King’s delegation would be met at the airport by an honor guard and the Zapadnayan Vice-President Teodora Petrova. The Vice-President would welcome the King and preside over a short welcome ceremony before directing the Carthaginian delegation to a fleet of waiting vehicles that would transport the delegation to the Presidential residence in Sofia.
On arrival in Sofia, the President would greet the King.
“Your Majesty, may I welcome you to Sofia on behalf of the government and people of Zapadnaya. Thank you for agreeing to meet with us and travelling in person to do so. Before we begin I would like to express our nation's support and gratitude for the intervention of the Kingdom of Carthage upon the collapse of our neighboring Spartan state. Such a timely intervention aided in the maintenance of stability and was greatly appreciated by our government.”-Dragomirov
On cue an aide would be on hand to offer the Carthaginian monarch a beverage of his choice. 
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Anysus enjoyed the trip to Sofia very much, while his status had made it harder traveling was always something he enjoyed. As they arrived at the presidential residence Anysus would listen to the president. Once offered a drink he would indicate his desire for a glass of water.


"Thank you president. It is a pleasure to be in your beautiful country. I am glad to see our intervention in Sparta was received well, we can never ignore the needs of those in need and especially not when the safety of so many others is at stake. Luckily however it would appear we are now in a quieter period"

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A glass of water would be placed in front of the Carthaginian monarch by a Presidential aide who would quickly return to his position alongside his colleagues.
President Dragomirov nodded briefly before replying:
“Indeed. I hope that the quiet lasts, but unfortunately that is rarely the case.
From our perspective we were glad to see coordinated and rapid intervention for the sake of maintaining stability and protecting citizens rather than the more common intervention for the sake of expanding territory which became the norm for certain European Community member states. In light of Carthage’s timely intervention in Sparta our government took the decision to seek to establish diplomatic ties with Carthage in the hope of laying the foundation for a diplomatic, military and economic relationship between our two nations.
It is our government’s sincere hope that we may discuss the possibility of drafting a PIAT as the first step toward establishing ties between Carthage and Zapadnaya. After a short period of time has elapsed, and the bilateral relationship between our nations is firmly established, we would wish to upgrade that proposed treaty to a full Mutual Defense Pact.
I would welcome your thoughts on such a proposal, your Majesty.”
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