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Let's try this yet again... a CNRP2 Run-off Vote

Evangeline Anovilis

Protectorate voting 2.0  

26 members have voted

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As per request made here, I help out with votes this time.


This ended a while ago but I'm way too high to run the numbers. Eva, you're really good at doing the CNRP polls. Would you mind giving me a hand here? If not, I'll put it up tonight.

edit: you guys can post now without voiding your votes


This is a Run-off vote, between options 1 and 3 on question 2, due to both receiving 10 votes each. Due to the lack of an alternate time option, the question has been rephrased, as has been the first option, for ease of understanding, however, no modification has been made in the meaning of these options.


As per all votes, this should take 48 hours. You will need to be part of the community to vote and posting in this thread will void your vote. Thank you for your consideration.

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Should existing protectorates need reposting to not be forfeit?


Existing protectorate holders have one week to repost their protectorates - Hereno, Evangeline Anovilis, xoindotnler, Horo the Wise Wolf, Mr Director, Uberstein, JEDCJT, Rudolph, rok, jesbro, Californian (10 total)


All current protectorates should count regardless, but all future protectorates need to be posted - Markus Wilding, Mogar, Lynneth, Aggressivenutmeg, PresidentDavid, Malatose, Voodoo Nova, Euphaia, Maelstrom Vortex, Imperator Azenquor, Dillon1102, Vedran (12 total)


Time is up. Option two wins 12 to 10. No reposting of existing protectorates necessary.


And with that, I hand these responsibilities back to the GMs.

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